16 February 2012

thursday (inpink!)

do you guys enter giveaways as much as i do?  i win a couple here & there, but i have to say that the best ones i've won lately have been from inpink.com.  it seems like whenever they offer a giveaway at a blog, they offer $40 gift cards to 300 winners!  with the odds in my favor, i've won two of these gift cards in the past couple months.  i held on to them for a few weeks and then made a big purchase on a friday night.  i hoped to get the most bang for my gift card buck by using them both at the same time, so i was pretty excited when it looked as if both $40 gift cards were deducted from my transaction until my confirmation email showed that one of the gift cards had not been taken off.

i immediately sent inpink.com an email and asked if they could look into it for me.  like i said, my order was placed on a friday night, but i got a response back sunday afternoon stating that their system should only accept one gift card per transaction and weren't sure why it looked as if both had been taken off of my transaction.  however, they agreed to refund my credit card the amount of the gift card that had not been taken off.  i thought this was great customer service and i really appreciated that they were willing to take this extra step for me. a couple hours later, i got an email outlining the refund amount that would be put  back on my credit card.  my order was shipped the next day and arrived about a week later, which is pretty standard since it was shipped from california & i live in minnesota.  take a look at the beauties i ordered:
overall, i'm really happy with the pieces i ordered and the quality of the customer service that i received.  sometimes i assume the worst about businesses or companies that provide a service, but i've found that if you present your case or request in a mature way, someone will usually help you out -- they want your business!  since i had such a good experience using my gift card winnings at inpink.com, i wanted to share it with you all.  they know nothing about this blog, i just wanted to share my good experience!  have you won a gift card to inpink.com yet?  i'd love to hear what you picked out!

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