14 February 2013

february 14th {girly}

i have been so bad about posting lately, i wanted to share my outfit from yesterday but didn't get around to it and now here we are, a day later.  so here's what i wore today.  i become kind of a scrooge around the holidays that have distinct color themes because i feel silly participating, but then i feel silly if i don't... so i landed somewhere in the middle today with a girly skirt that features pinks (ie: a valentine's day color).  

one of the staff at the building where i work complimented this skirt and asked where i got it and i fumbled around for an answer, knowing it would likely make no sense to her--it's from eshakti.com.  i ended up just saying, "i got it online at a random online store i found--umm--thanks..." and scurried away.  i think a lot of us in the blog o sphere are used to finding different online retailers where we shop but then it becomes kind of awkward (at least for me) when you have to try to explain that store name to someone.  the same thing happened with a necklace i wore once from inpink.com. 

okay, clearly my brain isn't working today.  this was me at about 1pm this afternoon collapsed on my floor, brain dead.  i am thankful every day that i have an office door that closes and a coworker who often works off-site!!  :)

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