10 July 2011

let's goodwill!

my favorite activity on sunday mornings is going to the goodwill, because it is the start of a new colored tag sale.  i thought it would be fun to start a weekly feature here at l&s since i enjoy goodwill'ing so much.  they're all so different that it might be a little interesting to highlight what i find at mine!

today was all misses at one goodwill that is just about five minutes from my house.  i have not had much luck there in the past {save for finding a silk chiffon blouse from jcrew for $3.50!}, but since it's so close i pop in every other week or so.  i came away empty handed today, but found a couple pieces i wanted to share.

giorgio armani skirt: i don't follow high fashion and i don't know a thing about fashion designers, but i definitely took a second look when i saw the tag of this skirt and had to snap a picture when i saw the original tags that were still attached.  somehow this $725 skirt ended up in a tj maxx and then to the goodwill where perhaps someone will take it home for $8.99.  would anyone have snatched up this skirt based on the designer alone?

jcrew knock-off: i thought this was a pretty nice replica of the j crew frances blouse, which i love and have in white.  i also love the color, but unfortunately it was a couple sizes too big so i didn't even try it on. 

khaki skirt: i thought this was a really cute skirt (no tags whatsoever), and was so sad when it just didn't fit!

it's always a little bit of a bummer when i comb the racks and have nothing to take into the dressing room with me, but there's always next sunday...

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