about me

hi!  my name is heidi.  after i graduated with a master's degree a few years ago and entered the "real world," i decided i needed to figure out how to dress like i was in one.  i am a full-time social worker and currently work at a nursing home where the majority of the staff provide direct care to residents and wear scrubs.  i spend half of my time inputting information into the computer and the other half visiting with my residents:  squatting or kneeling to be at their eye-level, perching on the edges of beds, or bustling around a busy dining room serving meals.  what i post is what i what i wear to work and how i've found to showcase my personal style while considering all of those factors that can impact my day.

i love to thrift & use coupons on items from the clearance rack.  you'll pretty much find me at the goodwill every weekend; i don't know the last time i stepped into a mall.  my goal is to come across looking age appropriate, professional and put together, and with a pop of something special - and to show that one can dress that way through thrifting!

i live in the twin cities and love taking pictures of the world around me, going on road trips, reading, sewing, volunteering, and my weekly trips to the goodwill!  feel free to contact me any time with questions or comments!