27 March 2015

four things friday (four things i'm looking forward to)

converse white blouse {thrifted target stock}
merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}
gap 1969 straight jeans
toms desert wedges

get the look:  similar white blouse / similar cardigan / exact jeans / exact wedges / similar necklace
you guys, i am still having so fun to answering these questions and showing you what i wear to work on fridays.  i hope you have enjoyed reading my answers and learning more about me in the process.  i think i have one more week to go after today - but today's is kind of a fun one:  four things i am looking forward to this year:

* george ezra concert:  i have been looking forward to this concert since december!  i am out of this world excited to finally see this guy live at his sold out show here next week!  earlier this year he opened up for sam smith and he's currently opening up for hozier but i feel a bit lucky because his tour stop in minneapolis is his own headlining show.  i'm sure i'll gush all about it to you guys later next week!

* baseball!  i love baseball - i love our outdoor stadium, i love picking different seats every game, i love helmet nachos, i love choosing what games i go to based on the giveaways, i love the emotional raising of the american flag by older veterans, i love it all!  the picture above are the giveaways we're getting from the games we ordered tickets to so far.  i have been dreaming about that bomber hat on the far right ever since i missed out on it last season, haha, so i bought tickets to that game right away when i saw they brought it back.  my sister and three of our friends are taking the day off work and hitting up opening day in mid-april, too, which is bound to be a fun time.

* hanson trip in may: i've mentioned many times before that my favorite band, hanson, hosts a weekend of events in their hometown of tulsa, oklahoma for their fanclub members.  i'm really looking forward to attending again this may.  it's really the one "trip" i plan a year and i always have a pretty good time.  plus, i need to stock up on my mmmhops (hanson's beer) that is only distributed around that area of the midwest. :)
*day trips to duluth:  i mentioned in one of these other "four things friday" posts that i love going up to northern minnesota, specifically to duluth which is a city that lies on lake superior.  at just over two hours away, it's far enough from what we call "the cities" (shortened for the "twin cities" = minneapolis & st paul/the metro area) that it feels like a refreshing break and mini-vacation whenever i go up there.  i'd like to make it a point to take more day trips through the spring/summer, especially since i have a few friends who live up there and are always up for weekend adventures!

thanks, as always, for visting!  do you have anything extra fun coming up this year that you're looking forward to?

26 March 2015

one in one out: march 2015

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!
{what came in} 

item bought          price   original $
old navy sleeveless ponte sheath dress - navy 21.13 34.94
old navy lightweight open front cardigan 12.96 19.94
old navy canvas field jacket - brown 29.21 44.94
merona printed crepe shell 11.04 19.99
merona bi-stretch twill barely boot pants - black 1.96 27.99
merona ponte sheath dress - mint 3.06 29.99
j crew factory linen-lace tee - vivid spearmint 19.86 75
j crew factory skirt in basket-weave - roz floral 23.00 85


this month i tried very hard to stay around $100 for my clothing budget which i am impressed i was almost able to do despite three online retail hauls.  fortunately, i got some good deals and promotions:
  • target.com: i took advantage of a promotion that was offering 30% off a $99+ clothing purchase, plus i saved another 17% off for st patricks day followed by another 5% off with my redcard.  i had a $30 gift card put toward purchase to make some great deals on full-priced items i'd had my eye on and probably ended up being a better deal than had i waited for a sale!
  • oldnavy.com:  i never purchase anything at oldnavy.com unless there is at least a 30% promo code to use, which is what i used with this order.  it didn't make for huge savings, but i knew i wanted the dress and jacket and was afraid my size would sell out if i didn't act.  the prices i paid weren't the cheapest i've ever paid for similar items at old navy, but something i was comfortable with.
  • jcrewfactory.com:  the entire store was 40% off but i was also able to use a 30% off code i obtained through gilt.  i don't always know about those things but just happened to see it on alice's instagram.  it's available through 03/29/15 but it took about three hours before the code was emailed to me, so request one now if you think you'll use it by 3/29.  i also used $28 in my paypal account (that i got for selling the j crew skimmer pants from this post on ebay) toward the purchase, making both items roughly $20 each!  $20 for a j crew skirt?  that's definitely my favorite price point! and the minute i saw the lace blouse in that lovely mint color i knew it was so "me" so i'm glad i could get it for less than 1/3 of its original price!
i like sharing my thought processes behind the purchases i make and the deals i use because it helps me process if i made smart shopping decisions and hopefully it's helpful to others to realize how it is possible to get great deals online!

{what went out}

this month, i purchased 8 items: 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 1 skirt, 1 pair of pants, 1 cardigan, 1 sleeveless blouse, and 1 short-sleeved blouse.  i eliminated a comparable item from my closet for each item i purchased.

25 March 2015

the fun part of fashion.

j crew factory embroidered peasant top
old navy boyfriend skinny khakis
world market scarf   ·   merona bella flats

what i love most about fashion and honestly what keeps me interested in this blog is creating entirely different looks throughout the week that i feel equally confident in.  i can wear straight skinny jeans and a green blazer, a purple pencil skirt, or a flowy peasant top like today and feel awesome in each look.  i've always stood behind the notion of finding a personal style "uniform," and if you're lucky enough to have found yours that's awesome, but don't let it prevent you from continuing to try totally different looks!

get the look:  similar blouse / exact pants / similar flats / similar scarf

24 March 2015

gray & purple

j crew factory peter pan top
j crew factory skirt {via thredup*}
impo tesla booties

this is a skirt i purchased in my last thredup order.  i'm always excited to find j crew skirts on thredup and this one started out at a pretty reasonable price.  believe it or not, i don't own a purple skirt so this one definitely found a nice home in my closet!  i owned this skirt a couple years ago in fluorescent yellow until i decided that color shouldn't have a place in my closet and promptly sold it on ebay - so i was happy to find it in another color for a cheaper price-tag.  i can't seem to stop wearing this heathered gray peter pan top either and thought it worked well with the purple.

get the look:  exact skirt (this season's colors) / similar top / exact booties

*join thredup through my referral link and you'll get $10 to spend; i receive $10 once you've made your first purchase!

23 March 2015

spring's uniform.

merona floral blouse
old navy skinny boyfriend khakis
fioni carissa flats

we had some really warm days a couple weeks back and i wore nothing but outfits like this all week - short sleeved blouses and pants.  i'm so glad i've made an effort at expanding these types of tops in my wardrobe over the past year because they are exactly what i want to wear when it gets warmer outside.  target and j crew factory seem to be the stores where i locate the most short sleeved blouses, and though i've never purchased anything there before, jc penney seems to have a lot of nice options as well.  i'm sure as we transition into spring this outfit formula is all you'll see me wearing, but i would like to try to locate a few different styles of pants - either those that are more casual like these skinny khakis from old navy - or dress pants/ankle pants to make my outfits feel a little fresher.

do you have to mentally shift what you decide to wear based on the weather?

get the look:  similar blouse / exact khakis / similar flats / similar necklace

21 March 2015

recent old navy & target reviews

posting clothing reviews on my blog isn't something i often do just because much of what i buy is from the clearance rack or goodwill and by the time the item shows up on my blog it's no longer available online or only in limited quantities - if at all.  however, i've made two online purchases at oldnavy.com and target.com this month and thought i would share a few of my finds!


i love this ruff hewn army green casual jacket that i thrifted many moons ago (even though i've apparently only posted two outfits wearing it), so when i saw this jacket at old navy recently i thought it would be a nice option for a casual lightweight jacket.  i thought i should size up to medium (i wear smalls in old navy tops) so there's more room to layer underneath it.  it does feel a bit bulky since i'm only wearing a lightweight button-down underneath it, but i think i'll appreciate the extra room it offers.  i like that there are a lot of different ways to style it with adjusting the collar, zipping it up, buttoning it, and manipulating the strings - i'll probably pull out the bottom strings that are waving around and almost reach my knees as they don't seem to serve a purpose. overall, i'm really pleased with this jacket and anticipate getting a lot of wear out of it in the spring/fall months!

i love this sleeveless fleece dress from old navy so much that i've been eager for another similar dress to come along to add to my wardrobe, and then i found this one!  i size up to tall in old navy dressers as they are notoriously too short on me, and this one comes to the perfect length.  it's a great ponte knit and has the always appreciated added benefit of pockets.  overall, i'm very pleased with this dress and definitely recommend it!

also available in stripes

another ponte dress!  i found this dress when i was searching target.com for this season's version of this dress that i own.  this one is pretty close, it's just a straight skirt instead of fit & flare.  it comes in this mint color, blue, and pink - definitely in line with pantone's version for spring.  overall, i'm really pleased with the fit and quality of this dress.  it's a great thick ponte (just like the aforementioned old navy dress) and i love the elbow length sleeves.  the color green is a little darker than i was expecting, but i'm glad for that so it doesn't scream "easter egg."  i definitely plan to keep this dress!

thanks for letting me share these quick reviews with you!  have you found any cute options at old navy or target lately now that stores are gearing into a new season?

20 March 2015

four things friday (favorite/least favorite foods)

j crew factory printed cutaway blouse
old navy sweetheart skinny jeans
dexter claire flats

for today's "four things friday" post i'm to talk about four foods i love & four foods i avoid.  now, i am by no means a picky eater so there really may only be about four food items that i prefer not to eat!

seafood:  i've never been able to stomach the thought of trying fish, scallops, shrimp, etc - it just has never appealed to me.  i will eat canned tuna fish and i tried a bit of smoked salmon once but i don't think i'll ever be one to consume seafood.  sorry, omega 3's!

mustard: i have never, ever cared for the condiment but put a bowl of potato salad in front of me and i'll demolish it.  and those honey mustard pretzels?  same thing.  it makes no sense, i know!

mushrooms:  now, mushrooms aren't my favorite but if they're in a dish where they are sautéed and cook down quite a bit or are masked amidst many other ingredients, like in a casserole, i can handle them.  likewise, i won't pick them out of something like just a small mushroom on a supreme pizza, but i do try to avoid them.

malt flavoring/malted milk balls: see, i told you i was kind of stretching myself here in coming up with foods i avoid, but i was reminded of how much i dislike malt flavoring of any kind when a jar of candy was passed around the table at a meeting this week and i passed them on to the next person upon learning they were whoppers.  no thanks!  i don't care for the texture and i don't think they provide that sweet flavor i look for in candy.

and i might as well just lump in there four of my favorite foods:

pizza (any kind of supreme pizza will do)
quesadillas (nix the sour cream, but add chicken and lots of guac)
chips (cheddar and sour cream ruffles are #1)
sandwiches (seriously.  any kind of sandwich with lots & lots of fixings and fancy bread.)

18 March 2015


j crew floral blouse {thrifted}
talbots jacket {thrifted}
gap 1969 straight jeans
mossimo ona flats

happy st patrick's day!  i am 0% irish and 0% interested in consuming dyed green stuff or watching parades but i sure will wear green, especially since the powers that be at my workplace said we could wear jeans today if we donned a green apparel item.  done!

i based this look off this one from a year ago because i remembered liking that casual friday look with my favorite green blazer so much. however, today i decided to wear my tightest pair of jeans that i was convinced didn't fit when they arrived in the mail back in august 2014 (whoa) and were promptly stored on the highest shelf of my closet.  i don't know what sparked me to pull them out today as i definitely haven't lost any weight since then.  needless to say i've got the button rigged with a ponytail holder like i'm a pregnant woman and i have a date with the treadmill tonight.  welcome to my life!

get the look:  similar blouse (i just bought it last night!) / similar jacket / exact jeans / exact flats

16 March 2015

winter's best dress.


old navy sleeveless fleece dress
merona cardigan   ·   forever 21 belt
simson's jewelry necklace   ·   dexter claire flats

sadly, i guess i have been a bit lax about posting outfit pictures with this dress because i feel like i have been wearing it quite frequently but i've only featured one outfit with it on my blog so far!  we'll, here's another to add to the mix.  i'm so glad i purchased this dress back in december because i have definitely gotten good use out of it this winter.  our temps in minnesota are inching toward that threshold where tights are suitable in the early morning but are regretted in the afternoon, so i'm not sure i'll be wearing many more outfits like this, but i'd still like to try wearing this dress without tights as we transition into spring.

get the look:  exact dress {only available in xl} or another similar option from old navy / exact cardigan / similar necklace / similar belt / exact flats