04 May 2015

swiss dots & fitbits.

old navy swiss dot blouse   ·  j crew factory scarf
merona barely boot cut pants   ·  cl by laundry marcie wedges

{ similar blouse / similar scarf / exact pants / exact wedges }

i am still following the hanger trick in my closet by rotating the hanger around after i wear something, but that hasn't stoped me from continuing to reach for those items.  in fact, i have all but abandoned by vast, colorful collection of button-down shirts.  maybe i need to make some hard decisions about how many button-downs i want to take up space in my closet if i never wear them!  3/4 sleeve blouses like this one from old navy seem more versatile and there's no awkward button-gaping.  i haven't worn this one in a while but was reminded how much i love the teal blue color and swiss dots!

the warmer weather definitely pushes me to want to move away from my daily treadmill walks to walking outside again and increasing my activity level, so with these thoughts i caved and got a fitbit charge.  three of my friends and a coworker have one so i feel i've gotten a good grasp about the pros and cons.  i'm naturally curious about how many steps i take in a normal working day so i think it will be a good tool to have to increase my activity and that hopefully lead to healthier habits and weight loss.  i also think i am going to be really motivated by my progress throughout the day or doing challenges with my friends. 

do any of you guys have a fitbit?  i can't say i've noticed any of my fellow blogging friends wearing one so i'd be curious to hear if anyone does and what your experience has been!

30 April 2015

one in, one out: april 2015

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!
{what came in}

item bought price original
target round stone drops necklace 5.64 16.99
old navy v-neck cami - nude 3.50 4.50
old navy ponte sheath dress - charcoal 19.00 34.94
elle rhinestone collar button-down (gw) 3.74
jessica simpson cream blouse (gw) 3.74
merona crewneck sweater - camel (new-gw) 5.24
minnesota twins 3/4 baseball tee 10.00 10.00
minnesota twins luke hughes tee 1.00 1.00
minnesota twins zip-up hoodie 0 0
mossimo long-sleeve blouse - burnt red 7.85 22.99
target beaded necklace - gold/brown 5.08 16.99
mossimo mid-rise straight leg jeans - black 4.72 27.99
j crew factory basket-weave dress 30.60 118.00
*j crew factory teddie sweater - pink
j crew factory eyelet tee - navy 17.61 79.50


*unfortunately, i was notified this sweater was out of stock after putting together this post!

as i reflect on what i purchased this month, it was a little bit of everything:  thrifted deals, baseball shirts from a sidewalk sale, and deals from my favorite online retailers oldnavy.com and jcrewfactory.com.  what i want to highlight is the basket-weave dress from j crew factory.  my twin sister is going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding this november for one of her friends.  i've become closer friends with the bridge and her fiance throughout the past couple years and have been involved in discussions and updates regarding their wedding and venue, so i assume i'll be invited?  i'm running with that and have already started thinking about what i may wear because, well, i don't get invited to many weddings so it's fun to think about!  

the short sleeve basket-weave dress on jcrewfactory.com really stood out to me while i was considering taking advantage of a 35% off clearance promo this month.  it was only available in two sizes, one of which was mine, so i decided to purchase it for a steal.  hopefully this will be an appropriate winter wedding dress with black tights, black heels, and some sort of statement necklace?  actually, hopefully i get invited to the wedding so i can wear it!  if not, i know i'll wear it to work, so i feel confident with the purchase!  do you all think this would be an appropriate dress for a winter wedding?

overall, i'm pleased with the purchases i made this month aside from my two thrifting fails, but i trust if i keep up with my exercise regime they'll fit a bit more comfortably in no time.  i found a great pair of jeans (that's always a cause for celebration) and filled a couple holes in my closet - i wear a lot of navy but realized i don't have a navy short-sleeve blouse, so that was also included in the JCF purchase.  if i were to return anything it would be the brownish/gold necklace (lower right) from target, but considering it came to about $5 i'm not sure that it's worth it.  target.com has a pretty liberal return policy of 90 days, though, so if i found that i haven't wanted to wear it in the next month i may return it but i am hoping it will be a nice alternative to the gold bauble necklace i wear frequently that is getting a bit worn and tarnished.

{what went out}
i purchased 14 items this month and got rid of 14 items, including a blouse sold on ebay.
{next month}
it's time for me to cut back on spending as the month of may is going to be full of many other expenses that are going to come along with my upcoming trip to tulsa (gas, hotel), paying a dentist bill to replace a filling (ugh), and some necessary car maintenance.  however, i always enjoy picking up a new piece of jewelry from one of my favorite vendors who is based out of tulsa so i'm going to set aside $50 to spend as fun money!

hanging out with fran!

weekend or work.

ruff hewn jacket {thrifted}
merona skirt & flats
j crew scarf {via thredup*}

{ similar jacket / similar skirt / similar scarf / similar flats }

when i go shopping i most often consider buying clothes to wear to work like skirts or dresses.  it's where i spend most my time and i dress different there than i do at home on the weekends.  however, i do like finding clothes i can wear both professionally and casually, like this jacket.  i'm not sure i would have ever thought an olive green casual jacket could be worn to work, but with the right accompanying pieces like a skirt and floral scarf it becomes elevated enough to work in a professioanl setting.  in fact, i wore a similar outfit back in january 2014!

so, recently an employee recognition award was presented to a staff person at our building who was seen by their peers as living out our organization's mission.  i selfishly thought, "hey, i wonder if anyone will nominate me."  i actually started thinking that i may be a suitable candidate to receive this award... only to find out that i wasn't even nominated!  none of my colleagues saw traits in me they wanted to recognize.  by the end of the week, i'd moved past it... because the joy that my residents bring me by uplifts me more than having my name engraved on a plaque.  it was hard for me to come to that place, though.  as a social worker, i rarely ever receive "thanks" for what i do.  half of my colleagues probably don't even understand what my role is.  but this whole situation got me thinking about recognition and appreciation and feeling valued and if anything, emphasized that i need to first begin showing this toward my coworkers if i ever think i am deserving of it for myself in the future.

phew, thanks for letting me share this!  this has been kind of a heavy week of thoughts but sometimes i just need to express how i'm feeling and use this platform like a journal.  what i'm wearing to work and what i experience at work and how it makes me feel is often all tied together so closely, so those thoughts come out here as i put together posts and reflect on what was taking place on a particular day!

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29 April 2015

thoughts about work.

old navy cardigan   ·  merona crepe blouse
j crew factory wool skirt   ·  cl by laundry bol wedges

{ similar cardigan / exact blouse / exact skirt / exact wedges }
something i've thought about for a while is sharing some thoughts on dementia but i haven't been sure if it's too heavy of a topic for a silly fashion blog.  however, it's a disease that affects so many families lives these days and something i'm passionate about, so i thought i would share a little information about it today.

dementia is an umbrella term used to describe the symptoms associated with many forms of cognitive impairment. alzheimer's disease is one type of dementia, characterized by plaques and tangles that slowly destroy cells in the brain.  the other most common forms of dementia are vascular dementia (from strokes) and lewy body dementia (clumps of protein forming on the brain cortex that results in symptoms like hallucinations and rigidity often associated with parkinson's disease.)

what helped me so much early in my career was understanding dementia is a medical condition that affects the brain.  think about everything different parts of your brain do for you - it helps you reason, it helps you remember, if helps you remain oriented to time, it helps you communicate and use language, it helps you make good choices (judgement).  dementia first affects one's memory, then gradually begins to affect  parts of the brain that performs those aforementioned tasks.  it's progressive, the functioning doesn't come back, and it requires the caregiver to enter the world that the individual with dementia is experiencing, which is something that i quite honestly feel can be a gift.

this is the briefest of brief explanation of some characteristics of dementia, but i thank you so much for letting me share.  it is a big part of my life on a daily basis as a social worker on a memory care unit at a nursing home.  i hope someone may have found this interesting or informative - and i promise i won't make it a focus of my posts in the future, but i certainly welcome any thoughts or questions anyone may have.

thanks for visiting!

28 April 2015

copycat dress.

merona button down   ·   old navy ponte sheath dress
impo tesla booties   · forever 21 belt   ·  one wink necklace

{ similar button down / exact dress / similar belt / similar booties / similar necklace }

i am one of those people who doesn't mind drastic changes in the weather from week to week at all.  last week we had warm temps in the low 70s and this week it's 20-25 degrees cooler.  perfect opportunity to wear more outfits like this with tights, booties, and thicker weighted materials before "spring" hits.  it's hard to see, but there the pindots on the shirt are the same color as the pink belt.  :)

if this old navy dress looks familiar it's because i also have it in navy (review here, outfit here).  it fit so well that i had to buy it in a second color (this one is a charcoal gray) when i came upon it for a pretty good deal online.  i also just have to share a funny story: these booties get such a rise out of some of my older residents.  one of my memory care residents wheeled up to me in her wheelchair today and said, "WOW!"  i bent down and said, "do you like my shoes?" and she gave me the biggest nod and smile.  i said, "do you want to try them on?!"  and she vehemently said "no!" and wheeled right on by me.  haha!  i know i don't talk about my job a lot because hipaa and confidentiality (in fact, i probably shouldn't share that above story at all), but my residents lift me up so much.  i wrote in my five year diary right around a year ago, "i feel like a tool for goodness at work.  that feels amazing.  i thank god every minute for the love he lets me share, because i know i do share it and that it is received" - and i feel blessed that i continue to have interactions that resonate the way i felt a year ago.  i hope all of you, my dear readers, have equally as fulfilling jobs!

thanks so much for reading!

27 April 2015


old navy blouse & cardigan
j crew skirt {via thredup*}
toms desert wedge booties

{ similar blouse / exact cardigan / similar skirt / exact wedges }

at least once a week i feel like i have one of those "whomp whomp" outfits where the idea in my brain wasn't fully conceptualized the same way in reality.  this is definitely one of those outfits!  i don't always like the way these wedge booties look with skirts but i keep trying for some reason.  i think the skirt needs to me a smidgen above my knees so my legs don't look so stumpy and there are three different shades of taupes going on that don't completely match.

instead of focusing on this whomp outfit, i wanted to congratulate my good friend marissa from the modern austen on her new blogging adventure called ampersand creative.  marissa is one of the most articulate, passionate, and driven gals i've met through blogging and i'm really excited about her new venture that focuses on helping bloggers like you and me and other young professionals identify and creative a fulfilling lifestyle.  the mission statement behind her new blog resonates with me so much and i know i will be learning so much from her!  congratulations, marissa!

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22 April 2015

red & black.

simply vera blouse {via thredup*}
old navy denim jacket & boyfriend khakis
merona mittie flats

{ similar blouse / similar jacket / exact pants / similar flats / exact necklace - only $5.94! }

with the weather getting warmer i've been able to keep my winter coats in the closet.  i still want a light layer in the morning though so instead i've been reaching for my denim jacket.  i've had this one from old navy since 2004!  the pants and blouse felt a little plain on their own even with the necklace so i ended up keeping the jacket on most of the day.  i keep seeing so many cute looks with bloggers wearing a dress and denim jacket so i think that's a look i'll need to try next.

*join thredup through my referral link and you'll get $10 to spend; i receive $10 once you've made your first purchase!

20 April 2015

all the mossimo.

mossimo long sleeve blouse, straight leg jeans, and ona flats

{ exact blouse / exact jeans / exact flats }

hey target, i'm wearing all your things!  isn't it funny how some outfits come together to feature items from the same brand?  i have been so annoyed with my favorite old navy jeans as every time i order what i think is my size online they end up not fitting at all. i'm sure this could be solved if i actually went to a store and tried jeans on but the same style and size i already have should fit, right?  i just can't figure it out.  anyway, there was a cartwheel for women's jeans at target last week so i tried on a couple pairs and these fit amazingly!   i like that they're not quite as skin tight as skinny jeans and that they have a lot of stretch so they're really comfortable.  they also ended up being about the same price with the cartwheel and my red card as old navy jeans are when they go on sale.  i'll definitely be looking for more jeans from target in this straight style in the future!

speaking of target, they recently released another beauty box (it's already sold out, sorry!), so before i ordered it of course i had to peruse the clearance.  i've had this blouse saved in my shopping bag for a while and with another 10% clearance promo i grabbed it and a necklace.  i'll probably dust off my sewing machine and slim the sides a tiny bit but otherwise it's a great blouse i can wear year round that was less than $8!  it surprisingly received a lot of compliments at work, too, which always makes something stand out as a winner.

thanks for visiting!

15 April 2015

thrifting fail.

merona sweater {thrifted target stock}
merona skirt   ·   in pink necklace
cl by laundry bol wedges

{ similar sweater / similar skirt / exact wedges / similar necklace }

i went thrifting for the first time in many months yesterday and was pleased when i walked away with three tops, but not so pleased when i tried them on at home and only this sweater fit.  i have not been having luck shopping for clothes that fit me lately and its led me to question if i am really the size i think i am??  or should i just blame the brand of tops i thrifted whose sizing i must be unfamiliar with (elle, jessica simpson) as i've never purchased clothing from them before?  :)  well, 1/3 wasn't bad to add a nice sweater to my closet.  i love the camel and green green shades together on their own but the necklace definitely tied it all together!

on a happier note, i saw the band guster in concert last week!  my sister and i went to a lot of concerts  in our high school and college days and guster was one of our favorite bands to see live.  we saw them six times  from 2000-2004 (yes, i am a dork and i keep a spreadsheet of all of the concerts i go to).  so, it has been over 10 years since we saw them last in concert but they are still making music and touring--amazing!  i think that's one of the reasons why i am still a fan of the band hanson after 18 years.  they keep producing amazing music and keep me interested as a fan.  it's incredible to think some bands have that longevity - guster said at the concert that they have been a band for 25 years!

anyway, my sister and i went to this concert with one of our friends who we met in middle school in georgia.  we all went our separate ways after college but she actually moved to minnesota last summer.  so, it felt even more nostalgic that we were seeing one of our favorite bands with one of our oldest friends who just happened to move to the state where we both live now.  it was such a fun evening and got me thinking about all of the bands i loved in high school - eve6, barenaked ladies, angie aparo, vertical horizon, marvelous 3 (my sister and i saw all of these bands so many times in concert in the late 90s/early 2000s) and if they are still around.  some are, i know, and some aren't, but now i think i need to google some of these bands from my past or at least play them in my itunes. :)