18 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (freesia)

merona sweater {via thredup*}   ·   blowfish mesa wedges
merona button-down   ·   old navy sweetheart boot-cut jeans

today wraps up the spring pantone color challenge marissa & i have been co-hosting all week!  today's color is freesia, a vibrant yellow.  both marissa & i thought freesia was purple based on the bath & body works scent, but i guess freesia's can also be yellow!  i don't have much yellow in my closet, much less bright yellow, but this sweater arrived in a recent order from thredup and it seemed to fit the bill pretty closely.  since it's friday, i'm wearing jeans, but i did add these fun wedges and a bit more color with the plaid button-down.  if you're gonna wear color, you might as well go all out, right?

we're linking up at marissa's blog today so head on over and add your freesia look if you haven't already.  and THANK YOU for joining us for our third challenge now of interpretating pantone's hottest seasonal colors.  it has been really fun seeing everyone's colorful looks this week.  i'm sure we'll see you again this fall!

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literate & stylish

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17 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (hemlock)


gap dress turned blouse {thrifted}   ·   isaac mizrahi blazer {thrifted}
merona doubleweave skirt   ·   dexter hensley wedges

the color marissa and i chose for today is hemlock, the name of a highly poisonous plant.  kind of a downer, but with as much green as i have in my closet, it was an easy color for me to wear today!  in fact, this top jumped out at me right away as a pretty similar sage green/sea foam green.  this was initially a dress that my mom and i refashioned into a blouse late last year.  with our never-ending winter, i'm not sure i'll ever have a chance to wear short-sleeves comfortably, but i finally went for it today since it fit the color of our challenge so well and just added a coordinating blazer and scarf.

i'm looking forward to seeing how you interpreted the color hemlock today over at marissa's blog--join me there to link up!

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literate & stylish

16 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (dazzling blue)

gap sweater {via thredup*}
merona skirt & flats

welcome to day 3 of the pantone-inspired spring color challenge marissa & i are hosting! it has been so fun seeing everyone's colorful looks so far and i'm looking forward to seeing your dazzling blue looks today.  this color is pretty much cobalt blue, right?  i think any bright, saturated blue color would work but i opted to wear this new-to-me cobalt blue sweater i ordered from thredup recently.  i have been mentioning thredup a lot lately, but i just love browsing through their website... maybe because i haven't actually been thrifting at the goodwill recently so placing orders at thredup is like thrifting from the comforts of my own home!

anyway, how did you interpret pantone's shade of dazzling blue?  grab a button, then join the link-up at my co-host marissa's blog, the modern austen.  see you there!

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literate & stylish

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15 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (paloma)

old navy embellished sweater   ·   old navy button-down {via thredup*}
old navy skinny boyfriend khakis   ·   merona bella flats

thanks to everyone who joined the start of the link-up yesterday for the spring pantone-inspired color challenge marissa & i are co-hosting!  i loved seeing how everyone interpreted radiant orchid from purple to pink.  today's color, paloma, is a little more straightforward--gray.  this is the third time marissa and i have been doing this color challenge, and with each new group of colors pantone releases i become more interested in the meaning behind the names they chose. 

i mean, remember turbulence from last fall?  we all had fun interpreting that one, and i'll admit that i needed to google the word "paloma" to learn it's spanish for "dove."  doves are typically gray, so pantone's color name makes sense to me.  i also learned that paloma is the name of a cocktail that mixes tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime juice.  i thought it would have been pretty clever to wear a light orange or lime green skirt, but i don't own skirts in any of those colors so i opted for a peach button-down.  from there i was halfway toward replicating kate's look featuring this same sweater, so i added black skinnies and fun coral flats.

did you put this much thought into putting together your paloma-gray look today?!  :)  link up with me below!

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literate & stylish

14 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (radiant orchid)

merona tie front dress & merona bella flats
limited floral scarf {thrifted}

i am so excited that today is the first day of the pantone-inspired spring color challenge marissa from the modern austen & i are hosting!  we really enjoyed the participation we received with this challenge the last two times we hosted it and we are glad to be back again with some more spring colors.  in fact, i think this may be my favorite collection of colors yet!

we're starting off today with radiant orchid, "THE" color of spring 2014.  i interpret it as a bold violet, but i think any shade from dark purple to mulberry to magenta works!  i have a handful of items in these colors to choose from, but i settled on this dress as it was what first popped into my head when i saw the color radiant orchid.  i didn't plan too well since you may remember i wore the shirt version of this dress on friday but honestly, i doubt anyone noticed!

how did you interpret this color?  grab a button and add your link below, then join me back here tomorrow for paloma!  we'll be linking up with marissa wednesday-friday.

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literate & stylish

11 April 2014

florals week (day 5)

old navy bootcut jeans   ·   merona blouse
lauren conrad blazer   ·   mossimo flats

i took yesterday off, but i'm back for the last day in the april flowers link-up andi, brynn, and kate have been hosting all week.  i am beginning to love the idea of theme weeks more & more to help narrow down my choices of what to wear each day.  this one really forced me to be creative and incorporate florals in the form of a dress, blouse, necklace, and today with this blazer.  thanks for the great linkup, girls! 

and don't forget, next week marissa and i are hosting our spring pantone-inspired color challenge.  i'll host the link-up monday and tuesday and marissa will take over the remainder of the week, so get your radiant orchid outfit ready {i'm pretty sure i could just repeat this blouse!} and come back here on monday to add your link.  i'm looking forward to this challenge again and seeing everyone's looks!  here's our button if you like to schedule your posts and want to include it:

literate & stylish

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10 April 2014

pink prints.


merona button down   ·   old navy sweater
mossimo slacks   ·   jessica simpson heels

as i put this outfit together it struck me how much i like to coordinate. i like when certain details of my outfits appear as though they were just meant to go with others. i received packages in the mail yesterday from target and old navy and it seemed like the button down from target was a nice complement to the sweater from old navy.  it's not a perfect match, but both have neutral oatmeal colored backgrounds and a pink design. there are subtle dark stripes on the button down that match the color of my slacks.  and because i have to complete an outfit with a necklace, i added this neutral gold bauble one and added the gold shoes.  the gold near the top of my body and also near the bottom felt like good symmetry without being too overwhelming or glitzy.

this seems like a really long explanation regarding the thought behind my outfit but i like being intentional about pairing pieces together for a cohesive look and i think i achieved what i was going for with this outfit!  plus, it felt good  to slip on these gold heels after debating at length whether or not to wear them last month.  i thought they may not stand out so much with slacks but all my residents who saw them thought they were pretty fun :)

get the look:  exact button down / exact sweater / similar slacks / same style heels / similar gold heels / similar necklace

09 April 2014

florals week (day 3)

merona blouse & wedges
mossimo slacks
{all thrifted target stock}

it feels a little weird to experience that first really warm day of the season, especially when you've been dealing with winter for the past six months and it snowed last friday, but that was today... 70!  i'm not quite ready to go bare-legged yet so i opted for pants today and this floral blouse so i can continue to join andi, brynn, and kate and the florals week they are hosting.  i really like that this blouse is more of an abstract floral pattern and pretty enough to stand on its on against some basic black slacks.

just a reminder that marissa and i are hosting our 3rd pantone-inspired color challenge next week.  here's the colors we chose this time around.  be sure to come back here to my blog on monday to link up!

08 April 2014

florals week (day 2)

old navy dress & flats
chaps blazer {thrifted}

today is day 2 of andi, brynn, and kate's april flowers week!  i've worn this floral dress from old navy one another time and thought this link-up was a good opportunity to wear it again.  the fabric is really sheer and thin so i felt more comfortable layering a blazer over it, even though i wear this particular blazer at least once a week... it is just what i always reach for to complete an outfit.  i will force myself not to wear it next week!

get the look:  similar dress / similar blazer / similar belt / similar flats