16 October 2014

throwback thursday & beauty box.

banana republic dress turned blouse {thrifted}
gap true straight piped pants
chinese laundry nima wedges

today i'm again joining alice at happiness at mid-life and her throwback thursday fashion link-up series.  this blouse was actually a shift dress that i chopped off and hemmed to blouse length. i've only ever worn it tucked into a skirt because i did a poor sewing job but the last time i wore it was over a year ago (oh, hello long hair... hope you return soon...) so i figured it was time to wear it again!

so, did anyone else hear about and order the target beauty box recently?  i know a lot of fashion bloggers subscribe to monthly services like birch box that sends samples of health & beauty products... but i'm more of a big box store budgeted girl and have never seen the value in those services.  the target beauty box was only $7, and i got another 5% off with my redcard and free shipping.  not bad for the 5 samples included, since 2 were full sized!  here is what came inside: 
  • elnett hairspray - this is actually the perfect size because it takes me forever to use a can of hairspray!
  • fekkai dry shampoo - this also seems like a nice size!
  • laneige bb cushion - i honestly have never heard of bb cushions, but i guess it is similar to bb cream just in a pressed powder?  i'll find out!
  • nyx eye pencil - this came in white, which seems like an odd color for eyeliner, but i really like the smooth texture and how easily it applies, so hopefully i'll find some way to wear it
  • l'oreal colour riche lipgloss - this is a decent size gloss and a nice neutral mauve.  l'oreal is not a cheap cosmetic, so i was most impressed with this item.
anyway, i was pretty excited about this beauty box i thought i would share in case others are interested too... i mean, who doesn't like fun and inexpensive samples of new products to try, especially those you can run to target and pick up if you like?  i also got sucked into ordering the back to college care package for only $5.  can you tell i love samples of stuff?

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15 October 2014

baubles & lace.


j crew lace panel tee
old navy skinny boyfriend khakis
mossimo ona flats   ·   target necklace

do you ever put two words together to describe what you are wearing and think, "hey, that would be a good blog title!" ?  "baubles & lace" just sounds like it would be the title of someone's blog (and maybe it is) but nope, it's just what i'm wearing today.  i took a giant leap and instead of buying this shirt in navy & green, i bought the version you see today in black & gray.  i think the former would be much m ore versatile in my wardrobe, but i already have this navy & green blouse, so i made myself purchase the latter.  hopefully i'll find myself wearing it with non-black bottoms.

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10 October 2014

throwback necklace.

j crew button down {thrifted}   ·   talbots blazer {thrifted}
j crew factory printed pencil skirt in vibrant currant
crown vintage tisha mary janes   ·   target necklace

every year i struggle with what color tights to pair with whatever top/bottom combo i want to wear and then struggle again with what shoes would look appropriate with that color tights. every year!  if i were wearing this without tights i may wear burgundy flats, but i didn't think that color shoe would look right with navy tights. so, i tend to match my tights with my shoes even though that eliminates a lot of shoes from my closet that can be worn over the winter months.  either way, i'm happy with the way this outfit turned out and i was glad to find another patterned skirt in my closet i could wear this green blazer with!

it is a bit of a stretch, but i'm joining alice at happiness at midlife and her throwback thursday fashion link up with this necklace. i've only worn it once (back in march) and figured it's been long enough to apply. plus, since i couldn't wear the burgundy flats i wanted to wear i incorporated that color into my outfit with my necklace.  thanks for visiting!

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08 October 2014

quilted vest.

old navy quilted vest, plaid, and jeans
mossimo kiriana booties

this is usually an outfit you'd see me post on friday or over the weekend, and i actually wore it last friday but just didn't get it posted.  so it may seem a little out of place to see it appear mid-week, but maybe not - either way, i loved this outfit and wanted to share it!  for whatever reason, i've wanted a quilted vest since this time last year and finally purchased this one from old navy with a % off deal and gift card after seeing it on katie (maybe i can blame her for making me want to buy a new plaid shirt to go with it!).  this type of outerwear has a shelf life of about a week where i live, but i'm trying to get a good amount of wear out of it layered with fun plaid button downs underneath because that just seems to work!  

is there any article of clothing you've been wanting to buy with the change in seasons?

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07 October 2014

hey, tights.

j crew factory eyelet front blouse
merona doubleweave skirt {via thredup*}
merona madeline flats
target gold circle necklace

it's reached the time of year where i live where pretty much anything goes. the morning temp when i leave for work may be in the low 40s but it has been getting up to at least 60 by mid afternoon when i'm heading home.  my rule for wearing tights is usually if the high is 55-60 degrees of lower, so even though i would have felt comfortable in bare legs today i opted for tights. i'm so visible at my work (a nursing home) that i really have to think about what i wear based on the comments i feel like potentially receiving from my residents. and honestly, i don't always like the comments directed toward me or the way i'm dressed - yes, even in an outfit like this - by male residents that verges on uncomfortable flirtation.  i thought switching over to tights would solve that, but not always.  

i wonder if anyone else encounters this issue based on the individuals they work with or see on a daily basis... like maybe teachers or professionals in a school setting who are around hormonal teenage boys all the time?  i don't even know.  do you alter the way you would like to dress to prevent any time of comments at all about what you are wearing or do you have crafted statements you respond back with that stop the comments?

* join through my referral link and get $10 to spend; i get $10 when you make a purchase.  yay!

01 October 2014

one in, one out: september 2014

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!
so, this month of shopping was definitely a wake up call for me. sure, i spent over $100 on a new winter coat (a necessity where i live, so my mindset is "what are you going to do about it") but aside from that, i still spent so much money on so many online purchases. i do feel fortunate that an item was cancelled from all but one of the online purchases i made this month due to being unavailable, so i guess that helped my cause some.  and i have zero regrets about any of the blouses that i bought, which i definitely feel i needed in my wardrobe.  the one clothing item i either have to suck it up and wear with confidence or try to sell on ebay are the printed skimmer pants from j crew factory.  they fit wonderfully (so i will be keeping an eye on the 'skimmer' pants in the future), but i am not sold on the print.  they were a final sale/non-returnable item, so i figure i owe it to myself to wear them at least once before i decide.  anyway, here's my shameful collage of spending:

{what came in}

item purchased $ paid original $
j crew factory draped novelty top - polka dot (gw) 5.24
j crew geometric eyelet top (thredup/9.99) ppal 110
j crew orange lace 3/4 top (thredup/6.84) ppal
j crew factory lace panel tee - black 15.95 85
j crew factory floral eyelet top - melon 12.45 75
j crew factory printed cutaway top 12.45 74.50
patagonia r3 fleece hoodie - aloe green 138.73 199
j crew factory skimmer pants - green fuchsia 25.89 74.50
j crew factory ruffle collar tee - black hearts 23.79 69.50
c9 workout capris 16.61 34.99
c9 baseball hat 7.11 14.99
target $1 spot socks - teal triangles 0.67 1
target $1 spot socks - gray/white stripes 0.67 1
minnesota twins stocking cap 0 0
minnesota twins zubaz pants 0 0
ann taylor cotton sateen straight leg pants 14.95 89
old navy plaid flannel shirt - white/red plaid 13.70 24.94
old navy quilted zip-front vest - canvas 21.20 34.94
c9 workout capris 11.86 24.99
merona ponte fit & flare dress

10.39 27.99


{what went out}

no picture this month... sorry... i just get too anxious to get everything i am getting rid of in a donation box/bag so i did not keep everything separated out to take a picture, but i am staying faithful to getting rid of a comparable item for every one that i buy!

so, i do most of my grocery shopping at aldi and they always have pretty useful home items in addition to the regular groceries, but they are only available until they're sold out.  last week, i noticed they had boxes of 20 velvet slimline hangers (like huggable hangers) for $5.99.  20 hangers for $5.99!  i immediately bought 3 boxes, then went to two different aldis the following day to buy... well... i don't tell you how many more boxes of 20 hangers i bought.  but anyway, i took everything i own off the mismatched hangers i'd been using and transitioned to these slim velvet hangers (amazing) and in doing so, culled out quite a few additional things to get rid of this month.  it's also kind of amazing how much space these types of hangers do make.  i am really starting to love how  my closet looks and how it is organized, and i think when you reach that point you're more likely to "see" or appreciate the outfits it contains, don't you agree?

{looking ahead}

based on my assessment of my spending this month, i've decided to go a month without shopping in october.  since i started tracking my purchases in 2011, not a month has gone by that i haven't purchased something.  that just seems kind of crazy to me.  plus, i either delete or italicize the items that i have gotten rid of or re-donated over the years, and seeing all those blank spots on my spreadsheet was another good visual reminder that hey, maybe you aren't making the best purchases if you just end up getting rid of something a year or two later.

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30 September 2014

most complimented.

merona ponte fit & flare dress
dexter claire flats
ourworldboutique necklace

if i were to give out awards to the items in my closet, this dress may receive "most complimented" - and the funny thing is, today is my first time wearing it because i just bought it yesterday thanks to the 25% off women's clothing cartwheel that popped up this week.  now, don't misunderstand me... i'm definitely not saying that i was complimented, it was all the dress.  i love the thick ponte knit, the 3/4 sleeves, and the pockets (that i didn't even know existed until i put it on this morning).  is this not the perfect dress?!  i'm looking forward to going through all of my solid colored button-downs to layer underneath it matched with a coordinating necklace (you know me).

get the look:  exact dress {i have my eye on the solid green one too} / similar flats / exact necklace {get 25% off with code "heyoctober"}

29 September 2014


j crew factory eyelet top
gap true straight piped pants
restricted slice it wedges
simonson's jewelry necklace {local vendor}

this is a look i wore last week that i didn't get around to blogging but i loved it so much that i just had to take a moment to feature it.  the melony-coral top seemed to go so nicely with the mint shoes and necklace.  i loved the color combination and how cheery i felt all day.  i wear bright colors year-round, but these shoes will likely need to hibernate during the winter, so i wanted to make sure to get another wear in before i'm relegated to wearing tights for the next 6-8 months.  i know, i can't believe i'm saying that either but tights weather is definitely coming!

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26 September 2014


j crew factory ruffle collar blouse
old navy sweetheart skinny jeans
merona bella flats  ·   groopdealz necklace

happy friday!  if there were ever a day to wear a blouse with funny looks hearts on it, it should be a friday!  because who doesn't heart fridays?  haha, ba-da-bum! i'll be here all next week!

(ps: how do you keep your black jeans from fading?!)

just a reminder you can still enter the giveaway for $30 to use at create by the yard, a fun online fabric store that supplied the fabric i used to make my handmade coasters in monday's post!

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