17 December 2014

an ode.

j crew factory lace-stripe blouse
merona doubleweave skirt
dexter claire flats

i have expressed my love for merona's doubleweave skirts many a time in the past so it was pretty disappointing when i found this floral one for $7 and change on clearance before thanksgiving only to find it wouldn't budge over my hips when i tried it on at home.  whomp whomp.  i guess they changed the style to be more high waisted and that just doesn't work for me.  i did find the same pattern in a blouse version though which i actually prefer considering i have quite a few merona skirts in my collection, including the one in wearing today.  i thought it would be fun to create a line up of all of the merona doubleweave style skirts i have, but i still hope they don't make all of their skirts so high waisted in the future!

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12 December 2014

fancy phones.

loft ruffle sweater
merona  double weave skirt
c label sherry flats
our world boutique necklace

whenever i wear this skirt, i typically pair it with one of the blues that makes up the print, but i'm trying to push myself to get past that.  it's kind of like bloggers always talk about not wearing the same outfit twice - but wearing this skirt with a navy button-down is almost the same thing as wearing it with, say, a navy sweater?  i'm not sure that this mauve color "goes" as well as i wanted it to, but i was glad i gave it a try!

the other night i kind of spontaneously got a new iphone 6 at target. there was a sale, cartwheel deal, and gift card that was too good not to take advantage of when i was due to upgrade that very day anyway. are you a geek about what kind of phone you have, or do you have to have the latest models?  the mobile guy at target definitely had a bias against apple, but i'm fine with the iphone. i know the interface and think it's visually appealing and i'm used to it, so that's basically what's most important to me. honestly, the 6 is not much different from my former iphone 4 but it is always nice to have a nice brand new phone.  :)

thanks for visiting and have a restful weekend!

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09 December 2014

yellow wedges.

a.n.a. blouse {thrifted}
ann taylor signature sateen pants
mix no. 6 optic wedges

this is one of the pairs of shoes i ordered from DSW last month.  i love my other pair of printed wedges from this brand, and this pair was too fun and unique to pass up when i noticed my size was in stock. i love the shade of yellow, scalloped edge, and interesting cutouts. they also come with ankle straps. i'm definitely someone who has a big shoe collection and loves adding visually interesting and colorful shoes to my collection. like i always say, my pants and shirt size sadly fluctuates from time to time but my shoe size never changes!

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06 December 2014

one in, one out: november 2014

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!

oh dear.  november is always a tough month of spending for me as it is my birthday month, there are always sales around black friday/cyber monday/small business saturday, and i visit my parents for thanksgiving and always go thrifting with my mom.  i'm glad i had a no-spend october as i sure made up for it this month.  for my birthday, my mom & dad gifted me a $50 gift card to dsw that i had to use right away.  instead of picking out 1-2 pairs of shoes that the gift card would cover entirely, i went to the extreme and bought 7 pairs of shoes to take advantage of a promotion online and use a certificate i had.  each pair of shoes ended up being really cheap and i did end up returning one of the pairs, but it still seems a little frivolous when i stop to think about it (and have to share it with the interweb).  because i paid for that purchase with a combination of a gift card, paypal balance, and credit card and then returned one of the pairs that was credited to my credit card, i honestly had no idea how to adjust the prices for the shoes i bought so these prices may not be exactly accurate.  that probably only bothers me because i keep track to the penny of what i spend on clothes.

anyway, let's get on with it!

{what came in}

item purchased $ paid original $
world market white opal stud earrings 1.14 4.99
world market topaz stud earrings 1.15 4.99
world market blush rhinestones headband 8.80 12.99
mossimo cream printed SS blouse (gw) 3.74
old navy aqua 3/4 boatneck tee (gw) 3.74 14.5
c label sherry ballet flat - navy 3.73 19.95
c label sherry ballet flat - pink 3.73 19.95
mix no. 6 optic wedge pump - yellow 18.71 70
restricted slice it wedge pump - taupe 13.71 65
qupid salya-821 ballet flats - nude 8.72 40
andrew geller girly platform pumps - orange 13.70 99
mossimo sweat pants gift 19.99
5 pairs socks gifts
herbergers autumnal colored infinity scarf gift 28
j crew factory scalloped collar top - geometric 28.95 78
j crew factory long-sleeve crewneck tee 12.68 24.50
mossimo supply co boyfriend tee - heather aqua 6.84 12
mossimo supply co boyfriend tee - mustard 5.70 12
mossimo ultrasoft scoopneck sweater - purple 14.24 19.99
loft rhinestone cap sleeve top - olive (gw) 3.94
merona short sleeve tiered tee - gray (gw) 3.94 12.99
jack flutter sleeve floral blouse (gw) 3.94
old navy women's quilted tweed vest 25.93 34.94
toms desert wedge booties - taupe 66.75 89
gleeful peacock stay close locket 19.95 28
gleeful peacock fanciful headband 16.05 22


{what went out}

what really stood out to me this month was that i finally showed some tough love in dealing with my "what if" syndrome.  you know, old favorites that hang around in your mental "to get rid of pile" all year that you just can't bear to part with because - what if...?!?  i'm getting rid of three specific items this month that fall into that category:  my mossimo varana shooties that are worn down to nothing and scuffed beyond belief (and that i actually mentally replaced with these heeled booties some time ago), my scalloped white blouse that doesn't fit anymore, and my chinese laundry open-toed sandals that feel too "sexy" to wear to my current work place - not to mention that i hate open-toed shoes.  why did i ever buy them in the first place?!  it makes perfect sense to me why people hold onto clothes & shoes because of an emotional attachment or the "what if..." syndrome.  what if i fit back into this one day?  what if i can somehow wear these shoes so the terrible scuffs don't show?  what if i wear this blouse with a sweater and magically love it? 

i think the truth is, those "what if" statements are never tested and if they are, they rarely hold true.  i spent all sandal season at my new workplace and there was never one day where i think i would have felt comfortable wearing those open-toed sandals.  yet i kept telling myself, "what if i want to try wearing them next summer?" and "what if i get another desk job in the future where my feet can stay hidden all day?"  these statements are never going to hold true, but it's so hard to get rid of something if you feel you didn't get enough use out of it or if you know it wasn't a good purchase to begin with.  yet i honestly know that three months from now i will probably not be yearning for any of these items.

do you struggle with the "what if" syndrome with your own wardrobe?  how do you deal with it?

note:  i decided to only get rid of one headband even though i purchased two this month as i don't own an excessive number of headbands.  the ones i have are also different enough so i don't feel i need to edit that collection of accessories down any.  i also did add 5 pairs of socks this month but didn't picture the combination of tights/socks i got rid of.

04 December 2014

desert wedges.

old navy plaid flannel shirt
j crew factory wool skirt
toms desert wedges

there aren't many clothing or accessory items i pine after or long to have in my closet.  i rarely see something on someone else and say, "i have to have that!"  BUT i have always had in the back of my mind that i wanted a pair of toms desert wedge boots.  i've tried a pair from old navy (since donated) and a pair from merona, but neither have been exactly what i had in mind.  so when toms offered 25% off the weekend of thanksgiving it was time to buy as i've never seen a discount that big.  i knew as soon as i tried them on right out of the box (they were still cold from being on a UPS truck all day!) that i made a good choice. even though i may not long for the trendy items you see pop up multiple times on your blog feed a day (does everyone have a blanket scarf yet??), i do hope to continue to have that feeling with future clothing items i buy because i love these shoes!!

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03 December 2014


j crew factory scalloped-collar top
merona tweed pencil skirt
c label sherry flats

things i love about this outfit:

- j crew factory - i will pick JCF over j crew any day, pointy shoulders and all
- that the black background of the blouse is vague enough to "match" with my navy blue skirt (oops)
- these heather gray tights pretty much go with every skirt outfit i wear these days
- inexpensive, visually interesting, and comfortable flats
- earrings that offer a pop of mint to match the outline of the geometric circles in my blouse

sometimes it's just fun breaking down what you love about your outfits, isn't it?  thanks for visiting!

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02 December 2014


merona pencil skirt & cardigan
jack floral blouse {thrifted}
 fergalicious irene pumps

this past week i was in georgia visiting my family for thanksgiving, and the 16 hour drive there from minnesota was more than enough ample time in the car.  my sister and i love listening to podcasts like this american life, wait wait don't tell me, and ask me another to pass the hours and this year we added another favorite to our list:  serial.  this is a new podcast supported by this american life that tells a nonfiction story week by week.  the current season is outlining the case of a high school student in maryland who was convicted to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in 1999.  the case was almost entirely based on one witness and cell phone records.  how much weight would you put on cell phone records in 1999?  fifteen years later (this podcast is told in real time), the case receives a fresh look with new investigations, interviews, and detailed digging that appears never to have been done by the detectives in the first place.  

i admit when my sister read the description of the podcast to me when we started our drive on a pitch black, cold, early morning in november, i wasn't so sure it was something i wanted to delve into.  i am not a mystery book reader, scary movie watcher {it took me for-ev-er to read/watch the hunger games because i couldn't fathom the idea of reading a book for pleasure where kids kill other kids}, or dateline type of gal at all. but once the sun rose we started listening and were both immediately gripped with such fascination that we binge-listened to the available 9 episodes all the way to kentucky.  i'm not sure that serial is something i'd want to listen to at the dinner table or if i'm out for a walk around the neighborhood, so i think it was actually perfectly suited for an insanely long car ride.  i'm really looking forward to listening to the rest of the season though so i'm sure we'll figure out an appropriate time to listen.  has anyone else been lured into this podcast? or the podcasts of the podcast that pick it apart?

this has absolutely nothing to do with what i'm wearing today (hey, first day back to work in a week) but i knew i wanted to introduce other people to this podcast and have the opportunity to dialogue about it in comments if anyone else has listened, so i hope someone has!  as for what i'm wearing, i just grabbed a blouse i thrifted when i was home in georgia and a coordinating skirt and cardigan.  so easy!

happy monday!

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26 November 2014

thankful for: colored tees


j crew factory fine-ribbed tee
ann taylor signature sateen pants
qupid salaya 821 flats
old navy scarf

today i'm expressing my thanks for colored tees - i know, it may sound silly to express fashion gratitude for such a simple, inexpensive piece of knit, but in the last 6 months or so i've come to find out versatile and useful these items are in my closet!  perhaps i subconsciously have taken inspiration from my supervisor with whom i share an office, as she often will wear a solid colored tee and a coordinating scarf and dress pants to work... but hey, that is my kind of outfit!  my only concern is that my supervisor is nearly old enough to be my mom, so i don't want us to wear this same type of outfit on the same day and look like mother daughter twins - but so far that hasn't happened!  

here's what i wore today (i'd size down on this particular j crew factory tee in the future as the knit is extra stretchy as you can see where it really bunched up around my arms) and a recap of some other similar looks - i know there aren't too many yet, but i'm sure that will change!  are you a fan of solid colored tees?

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25 November 2014

thankful for: merona cecila skirt


old navy v-neck sweater
merona cecila skirt & bella flats
target three flower cluster necklace

today i'm expressing thanks for the merona "cecila" skirt i found on clearance at my local target for $15.10 in august of 2011.  august of 2011!  honestly, i'm pretty surprised that something has hung around in my closet for almost 3 1/2 years and i am still wearing it just as frequently now as i did when i first purchased it.  i've proclaimed my love for merona's skirts time and time again and this one is clearly no exception.  it is the primary skirt i reach for whenever i just don't know what to wear and it ends up pulling through for me time and time again.  

i was kind of surprised after looking at these pictures that i've never worn it with the same top twice except for today with this green sweater!  i'm also surprised that i've never paired it with a navy blazer.  good to know i can still think up a few more unique combinations.  but i think it goes without saying that i've definitely gotten my $15 out of this skirt.  here are all of the ways i've worn it so far (oh, so many different hair lengths).  click to enlarge!