22 April 2014

mauve & mint


loft scalloped ruffle sweater   ·   mossimo slacks {thrifted}
restricted slice it wedge

i've been doing a lot of online shopping this month... and i mean, a looot... but it's really my preferred way to shop.  i know what size i am at the stores i frequent so i don't need to try anything on, i have no problem stalking things i like and waiting for sales, and i can always find coupon codes for more savings or free shipping.  sure, it's delayed gratification when i have to wait for packages to arrive in the mail, but i even love tracking when it was shipped and when it will arrive.  yes, i am a nerd!  i also like the opportunity to bookmark items i'm interested in to ponder or come back to later whereas if you see something you like at a store you're more likely to buy it right then and there without giving it that extra thought.

one of the purchases i made this month was at dsw.com.  these minty cut out wedges made their way into my cart and into my heart when i tried them on.  okay, all corniness aside, these wedges are so comfortable!  the wedges i wore yesterday are a different story and gave me a painful blister, but even so i had no issues wearing these wedges all day.  i'm currently stalking the poppy red color at dsw.com but sears.com also carries the taupe color.  they're more expensive on sears.com, but i've noticed that retailer offers a lot of random promotions that could lead to a decent deal.  

i couldn't think of a better color to wear with mint than this pretty rosy mauve color.  the sweater is lightweight enough to be bearable with the moderate temps right now in the midwest, but i'd welcome a few more chilly days to take advantage of wearing it at least one more time before the heat hits.

are you an online shopper like me, or do you not mind braving the crowds at malls and shopping centers?

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21 April 2014

a beginning with pants.

loft diamond print cropped pants   ·   mossimo sweater {thrifted}
target necklace & belt {thrifted target stock}   ·   cl irresistible bol wedges

i've participated in theme weeks these past two weeks, so i decided to give myself free reign at my closet this week instead of jumping right into another one.  this also gives me the opportunity to wear one of the new clothing items i've purchased this month - these patterned pants.  even though i wear patterned skirts with confidence, i have never envisioned myself in patterned pants!  i automatically assumed they wouldn't work for me so i wrote them off without ever trying a pair on. 

my personal style has really been changing since i started a different job earlier this year.  my previous job was primarily a desk job--i could hide out in my little cubicle and not present myself to others if i didn't want to.  i don't mean that i was closed off or unfriendly, i just mean that there was little risk in wearing bold colors or patterned skirts if no one ever really saw what i was wearing as i sat behind my desk all day.

my current job is so different.  i squat beside my residents in their wheelchairs so we can be eye-to-eye, i kneel on the floor beside dining room tables to take breakfast orders, i perch on the edges of beds to visit, and i walk up and down long hallways multiple times a day.  gone are the days where i can comfortably wear most high heels, that is for sure!

it's interesting and important to me to track the progression of my style and reflect on how it's impacted by so many different factors... not only the ones i noted above, but also my personal preferences, my weight, the appearance i want to present toward others.  my new workplace is so casual and relaxed and my personal style is changing to reflect that - i've sold/donated almost all of my heels and i'm on the hunt for different styles of pants to incorporate into my wardrobe as that is what i feel more comfortable in nowadays based on what my job requires of me.

a couple weeks ago i took a leap and ordered two pairs of patterned pants from loft.  i paid more for them than i would have at my usual stores of old navy or target, but as soon as i slipped this pair on, they felt very much to be a reflection of present day heidi.  i'd pay that price again and again to have a garment i feel that great in (even though i wish they were a size smaller; i was unsure of the sizing as i've never shopped at loft before).  i will continue to wear skirts and dresses and heels (albeit less often), but i feel my new found love for pants - and dare i say patterned ones at that - will make my entire wardrobe more well-rounded.  that's something that's really important to me too.

do you notice your style changing over time in a similar way?  if you got this far, phew - thanks for reading!

get the look:  exact pants {i'm 5'5" and ordered the tall to have a longer inseam because i don't like pants that hit above my ankles.  the length of these loft pants is better, right?  i welcome your objective opinion!} / similar sweater / similar necklace / similar belt / exact wedges

last week's looks {april 14-18}

last week my friend marissa from the modern austen and i hosted our third pantone-inspired color challenge.  thank you to all of our fellow blog friends who joined us.  i always love this theme week not only because i love dressing in color, but i always find new blogs to follow.  the link ups may still be open if you have an outfit you want to add!  here's  recap of what i wore:

and just for fun i lifted a couple images from some of our participant's whose looks i thought exemplified the color of the day:

radiant orchid: caroline @ tasteful style {how great is that peplum blouse?!}
paloma: whitney @ whitney a la mode {i love the neutrals of he ensemble and the feminine touches she added with lace and pearls}
dazzling blue: ada @ elegance & mommyhood {the colorblocking of red & blue was really eye-catching!}
hemlock: salazar @ 14 shades of grey {a blazer over a dress is one of my favorite looks, and the shade of green is so pretty}
freesia: megan @ the fashonista vet {i don't think i wear yellow very well, so i loved the burst of yellow she wore with her freesia-inspired blouse}

thanks again everyone, and have a great week!

19 April 2014

book review: the selection

the selection by kiera cass

jess recently recommended the book the selection and being a fan of other YA dystopian series like the hunger games and divergent, i was eager to give it a read.  i haven't felt much like reading lately and thought maybe an easy, engaging read would get me back into my favorite hobby.  and this book was just what i needed.  i finished it in a couple days and stayed up until 12:30am reading the second book!

this book revolves around the process to find a young price named maxon schraeve his wife.  teenage girls of a certain age all across the country were sent a letter to voluntarily participate in the selection process, and 35 girls were chosen and flown to the castle to duke it out for price maxon's love (yes, think the bachelor).

i could never really figure out what time period or country the book takes place in, but there is a rigid caste system with all members of the population falling into a caste of one through eight.  ones are royalty like prince maxon and eights are the lowest of the low - uneducated, unskilled workers who barely get by.  our heroine, america singer, is a five.  she and her family are artists who must perform or produce to make ends meet.  she helps to support her family by singing at holiday and birthday parties with her mom; her dad is a painter.

america is in love with a boy named aspen who is in a lower caste than her and they have been secretly dating for years.  marrying one another would be next to impossible and wouldn't guarantee any sort of future but that eager, first love is so hard to let go of.  when the opportunity to volunteer for the selection comes up, america is urged by both her secret boyfriend and her family to sign up... it's the promise of a potentially better life.  begrudgingly, she does so, and is transported into a world beyond that which she has ever experienced or imagined.  and she suddenly finds herself in a unique situation as she develops a pretty a-typical but oh-so-sweet friendship with price maxon.

i was pleasantly surprised with how much i enjoyed this book.  the writing flowed well and i feel i really got to know america, what is important to her, and what she hopes for herself in the future.  of course she's just a teenager, but anyone can relate to her experiences -- that's what's so great about this genre of novels.  there's romance, mystery, and moral questions that arise that america has to work her way though all while being in the public spotlight of a very tense and competitive fight for a prince's affection.

the elite is the second book in this series and the third book, the one, is released may 6th.  i won't post a review on either as i don't want to spoil the first book for anyone, but i would like to leave the comments open for a freer conversation with potential spoiler alerts if anyone else has read this book and wants to discuss it with me -- so don't scroll down too far if you click through to comment!  thanks again to jess for the recommendation!

18 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (freesia)

merona sweater {via thredup*}   ·   blowfish mesa wedges
merona button-down   ·   old navy sweetheart boot-cut jeans

today wraps up the spring pantone color challenge marissa & i have been co-hosting all week!  today's color is freesia, a vibrant yellow.  both marissa & i thought freesia was purple based on the bath & body works scent, but i guess freesia's can also be yellow!  i don't have much yellow in my closet, much less bright yellow, but this sweater arrived in a recent order from thredup and it seemed to fit the bill pretty closely.  since it's friday, i'm wearing jeans, but i did add these fun wedges and a bit more color with the plaid button-down.  if you're gonna wear color, you might as well go all out, right?

we're linking up at marissa's blog today so head on over and add your freesia look if you haven't already.  and THANK YOU for joining us for our third challenge now of interpretating pantone's hottest seasonal colors.  it has been really fun seeing everyone's colorful looks this week.  i'm sure we'll see you again this fall!

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literate & stylish

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17 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (hemlock)


gap dress turned blouse {thrifted}   ·   isaac mizrahi blazer {thrifted}
merona doubleweave skirt   ·   dexter hensley wedges

the color marissa and i chose for today is hemlock, the name of a highly poisonous plant.  kind of a downer, but with as much green as i have in my closet, it was an easy color for me to wear today!  in fact, this top jumped out at me right away as a pretty similar sage green/sea foam green.  this was initially a dress that my mom and i refashioned into a blouse late last year.  with our never-ending winter, i'm not sure i'll ever have a chance to wear short-sleeves comfortably, but i finally went for it today since it fit the color of our challenge so well and just added a coordinating blazer and scarf.

i'm looking forward to seeing how you interpreted the color hemlock today over at marissa's blog--join me there to link up!

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literate & stylish

16 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (dazzling blue)

gap sweater {via thredup*}
merona skirt & flats

welcome to day 3 of the pantone-inspired spring color challenge marissa & i are hosting! it has been so fun seeing everyone's colorful looks so far and i'm looking forward to seeing your dazzling blue looks today.  this color is pretty much cobalt blue, right?  i think any bright, saturated blue color would work but i opted to wear this new-to-me cobalt blue sweater i ordered from thredup recently.  i have been mentioning thredup a lot lately, but i just love browsing through their website... maybe because i haven't actually been thrifting at the goodwill recently so placing orders at thredup is like thrifting from the comforts of my own home!

anyway, how did you interpret pantone's shade of dazzling blue?  grab a button, then join the link-up at my co-host marissa's blog, the modern austen.  see you there!

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*join thredup through my referral link and get $10 & i'll receive $10 once you place an order!

15 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (paloma)

old navy embellished sweater   ·   old navy button-down {via thredup*}
old navy skinny boyfriend khakis   ·   merona bella flats

thanks to everyone who joined the start of the link-up yesterday for the spring pantone-inspired color challenge marissa & i are co-hosting!  i loved seeing how everyone interpreted radiant orchid from purple to pink.  today's color, paloma, is a little more straightforward--gray.  this is the third time marissa and i have been doing this color challenge, and with each new group of colors pantone releases i become more interested in the meaning behind the names they chose. 

i mean, remember turbulence from last fall?  we all had fun interpreting that one, and i'll admit that i needed to google the word "paloma" to learn it's spanish for "dove."  doves are typically gray, so pantone's color name makes sense to me.  i also learned that paloma is the name of a cocktail that mixes tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime juice.  i thought it would have been pretty clever to wear a light orange or lime green skirt, but i don't own skirts in any of those colors so i opted for a peach button-down.  from there i was halfway toward replicating kate's look featuring this same sweater, so i added black skinnies and fun coral flats.

did you put this much thought into putting together your paloma-gray look today?!  :)  link up with me below!

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14 April 2014

spring pantone challenge (radiant orchid)

merona tie front dress & merona bella flats
limited floral scarf {thrifted}

i am so excited that today is the first day of the pantone-inspired spring color challenge marissa from the modern austen & i are hosting!  we really enjoyed the participation we received with this challenge the last two times we hosted it and we are glad to be back again with some more spring colors.  in fact, i think this may be my favorite collection of colors yet!

we're starting off today with radiant orchid, "THE" color of spring 2014.  i interpret it as a bold violet, but i think any shade from dark purple to mulberry to magenta works!  i have a handful of items in these colors to choose from, but i settled on this dress as it was what first popped into my head when i saw the color radiant orchid.  i didn't plan too well since you may remember i wore the shirt version of this dress on friday but honestly, i doubt anyone noticed!

how did you interpret this color?  grab a button and add your link below, then join me back here tomorrow for paloma!  we'll be linking up with marissa wednesday-friday.

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