21 November 2014

fall pantone link-up: cognac

gap plaid placket shirt {thrifted}   ·   mossimo ultrasoft sweater
old navy sweetheart boot-cut jeans   ·   blowfish mesa wedges

happy friday!  we've reached the end of the week and the end of the pantone-inspired fall color challenge marissa from the modern austen and i have been co-hosting all week.  like previous seasons, it's been fun to see all of the color everyone has been wearing and the different ways you interpret the pantone colors of the season.  i'm sure that today's color, cognac, was an easy one for everyone to find in their closets and probably one of the reasons why we chose this color to feature today.  who doesn't have a cognac belt or pair of shoes?  i'm looking forward to seeing if anyone featured anything other than those two items!

thanks again to everyone who has joined us this week!  i'm looking forward to spending the weekend visiting everyone's posts and putting together a recap for monday.  see you again in the spring!

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20 November 2014

pantone fall link up: mauve

forever 21 dress/blouse {thrifted}
merona  crosshatch skirt {via thredup*}
adrienne vittadini kiley flats

today is day 4 of the pantone-inspired fall color challenge marissa and i are hosting this week.  today's color is mauve mist.  i'm a little embarrassed to admit that perhaps i have had the wrong definition of mauve in my head because when i first thrifted this blouse (actually, it's a way-too-short dress) i called the color mauve in my mind.  however, pantone defines mauve as "a romantic and elegant purple shade" (x).  of course i had to dig deeper and other definitions i found describe mauve as a moderate purple, violet, or lilac color.  really?!  i always thought mauve was a grayish pink!  well, for what it's worth i'm sticking with my definition of mauve because hey, what fun is this color challenge if you don't stretch it a bit?

how did you define mauve?  grab a button if you haven't already and join our link up below so i can take  a look!
literate &  stylish

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19 November 2014

pantone fall link-up: royal blue

gap sweater {via thredup*}   ·   old navy button-down
the limited skirt {thrifted}   ·   merona mittie flats
minicci (payless brand) necklace

sorry i am late getting today's royal blue post up for the pantone-inspired fall color challenge marissa from the modern austen and i have been co-hosting all week, but like i mentioned yesterday i was at an all-day long aging convention yesterday... and by i mean all day, i left my house at 7:20am and got home at 9:20pm.  so, unfortunately i didn't get pictures taken ahead of time and posted.  i did survive the convention, grabbed tons of free pens (and flashlights and toddy cloths and decks of cards etc...), and enjoyed a warm reception and dinner with several of my colleagues.  it was a fun and inspiring day learning about issues related to aging.

for today's color, royal blue, i'm actually wearing the same sweater that i wore during our spring link up for the color dazzling blue!  oops... i'm sure no one remembered that but it was really the only shade of blue in my closet that i thought would work for royal blue.  i love how this outfit turned out - blue & yellow are such friendly complimentary colors and i liked the interesting black & white crosshatch pattern on the skirt as opposed to wearing black slacks or a plain black skirt.  i'm looking forward to seeing what blue hues you're wearing today!

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18 November 2014

pantone fall link up: cypress

mossimo sweater   ·   old navy button-down
ann taylor pants   ·   restricted slice it wedges
simonson's jewelry necklace

today is day two of the pantone-inspired fall link-up marissa from the modern austen and i are co-hosting!  it was kind of last minute that i learned i would be attending another all-day long aging convention today with the potential of staying for a reception and dinner where one of the nurses at my nursing home was slated to be honored, so i tried to dress as i would for any other conference in my field with also the knowledge there would be another event at the end of the day and i wouldn't have the opportunity to go home and change into something nicer.  i played it more business-casual safe with these navy straight leg pants and this cypress sweater i've had for ages so i'd still feel confident surrounded by not only my social work peers, but other colleagues who work in the field of aging from maintenance to administration to activities to nurses.  i'll let ya know tomorrow if i made it through the 12 hour day in this ensemble and how many free pens i snagged from the vendors. :)

thanks for visiting and linking up with us this week!

get the look:  similar sweater / similar button-down / exact pants {highly recommended} / exact wedges / similar necklace

17 November 2014

pantone fall link up: sangria

apt 9 blouse {thrifted}
gap cardigan {thrifted}
j crew skirt {via eBay}
dexter hensley wedges

welcome to the second annual fall patone-inspired link-up marissa from the modern austen and i will be co-hosting all week.  we always enjoy browsing through the pantone colors each season and having you join us to feature some of those colors.  i think we have a great batch of colors this fall and i am excited to start out with sangria.  i pulled a couple "sangria" colored tops and bottoms to potentially wear today and settled on this top that i think i have only worn once.  sangria to me is a deep magenta and this top seemed to for that description!  

how are you interpreting the pantone color of sangria?  grab a button and link-up with us here!

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15 November 2014

friday repeat & pantone link-up reminder!

j crew factory cutaway top
old navy skinny boyfriend khakis & cardigan
dexter claire flats

a couple months ago i implemented the hanger switch-a-roo in my closet where you rotate the hanger backwards after you wear something.  i think it has helped me reach for other tops to wear before reaching for something i just wore... but at the same time, there are tops like this in my closet that are fairly new and i've only worn once and i just want to wear it again!  the hanger switch is definitely a good trick and i think i will continue to follow it, but i'm also going to 'allow' myself to wear some newer things to prevent them from becoming too neglected.  do you flip your hangers around in your closet after you've worn something?

get the look:  similar shirt / similar cardigan / exact khakis / exact flats

and just a final reminder that marissa & i are hosting our pantone-inspired fall link-up next week, november 17-21.  feel free to reference the graphic below to plan some outfits if you'd like to join us or snag it to include in your posts if you are scheduling some ahead of time, then come back next week to either of our blogs to link up!  have a great weekend!
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13 November 2014

layered lustre.


j crew lustre lace mock neck tee {thrifted}
merona doubleweave pencil skirt
american eagle (payless) mary janes
inpink multicolored stone necklace

for today's throwback thursday fashion i'm wearing this top that sadly hadn't seen the light of day since january. the inside of the fabric is so itchy that it absolutely has to be layered with full sleeves and not the cami it came with ... not ideal for summer.  i don't have many 3/4 sleeves that would work underneath it, so it's been neglected until today!  i'm also pretty sure pale pink and hunter green is one of the most interesting color combos i've thought of in a while but i kind of think it works since the green is featured in both the skirt and necklace.  maybe i need to take inspiration from myself and layer some other colors underneath this top aside from just white!

get the look:  similar top / similar skirt / similar heels / exact necklace

and don't forget, coming up next week, nov 17-21:

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12 November 2014

red & black.

merona top & skirt
dexter harriet heels

there are certain color combinations that always strike that chord of nostalgia.  for me, red & black is one of those colors:  it will always remind me of my college alma mater, the university of georgia.  i'm reminded of grabbing our college newspaper (aptly named the "red and black") and doing the crossword puzzle before classes began, my cute off-campus apartment (oh i loved that apartment), and of course football games.  many of the sorority girls would dress in red or black dresses, heels, and pearls (this was the south) but i always dressed in jeans & a college t-shirt for football games.  those really were some of the best weekends in college and i love being reminded of those memories whenever i dress in red and black these days, even if my college days are ten years in the past!

is there a color combination that evokes similar memories for you?

get the look:  similar top / similar skirt / similar heels / similar necklace

don't forget about the pantone-inspired fall link-up next week, nov 17-21:
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11 November 2014


mossimo sweater
j crew skirt {via thredup}
mossimo kachiri boots

so, before i went to bed on sunday night the meteorologists were going nuts predicting anywhere from 6-100" of snow to fall sunday night through the day on monday.  okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but i think it maybe snowed 2-3" where i live?  not really the early november snowpocalypse that was predicted, but i'm still satisfied with my outfit choice as i've found that tall boots really are the way to go whenever there is going to be a substantial snowfall.  i suppose if i were a true minnesotan i'd own actual snow boots, but boots like this work for me on days where i either wake up to a million snowflakes on the ground or the snow falls throughout the day and i have to trudge out to my car and unearth it to go home.  i'm not sure that i like the way more casual looking tall boots pair with pencil skirts, but at least the taupe boots found a color partner of the same shade of brown in the skirt. i kept the sweater untucked to mimic the more casual vibe the boots present.  and i spent all day listening to people trade stories about their drive into work and their prediction of how much it was going to snow throughout the day.  i swear, everyone in minnesota is a meteorologist!

dare i ask how you're getting along with winter (oh, it's still fall you say?) where you live?

also, i mentioned yesterday that marissa and i are doing another pantone-inspired color link-up next week but i failed to mention what colors we will be featuring.  here you go!  pick out something sangria, cypress, royal blue, mauve, and cognac from your closet.  if you're feeling extra adventurous, add a blazer to your look (bonus points if it's in one of these colors), because andi is hosting blazers week next week as well!  yay!

literate &  stylish