05 March 2015



mossimo cocoon cardigan
j crew factory lace panel tee
loft diamond print ankle pants
cl by laundry nima wedges
target red/silver hematite necklace

as much as i loved all of the aspects of this outfit (navy + maroon, gray lace top, coordinating necklace), the outfit just did not photograph well... and the judge has ruled against these pants!  i always feel great when i wear them, but they never look good in photographs, whether it's because i take my pictures at the end of a long work day and i'm emotionally and physically rumpled or just because they don't fit me all that well?  i don't know.  i certainly don't look like the model, but i still want to wear cute patterned pants and clothes i find online that appeal to me.  it's hard not to compare yourself to the models you see on a clothing apparel's website and say, "i wish i looked like that wearing that," isn't it??  well, i'm sure this could lead into a much bigger discussion about marketing and body types, but i think i'm definitely going to keep these pants around and continue wearing them with confidence even if i don't look like the model below:

do you have any articles of clothing that you get the feeling doesn't look that great on you but you're not willing to stop wearing? 

03 March 2015

one in, one out: february 2015

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!
{what came in} 

item bought price original $
target metallic skinny belt - silver 2.26 14.99
j crew factory skirt - purple (via thredup) 2.97 9.49
ann taylor loft dress pants (via thredup) 2.97 16.99
sorel tivoli herringbone winter boots 50 120
cl by laundry marcie wedges 19.58 49.99
minnesota twins t-shirt gc 17.99
impo tesla platform pumps 7.29 76
one wink casted crystal pendant necklace 0 50


i feel pretty good about the purchases i made this  month.  i finally invested in a proper pair of winter boots, whose price was cut in half thanks to using christmas money i'd been hoarding from my grandpa and  amazon.com coupon codes i redeemed from mypoints.com.  i felt pressured to put in an order from dsw.com due to a $10 rewards coupon i had that was expiring, but i've already worn the black booties at least once a week since they arrived, so i count that as a good purchase!  i also had a balance in my paypal account that i put toward the purchase, as well as the thredup purchase i made this month, so what i paid out of pocket ended up being pretty reasonable.

i have always considered myself a smart shopper - i look for ways that i can save money by using gift cards (i bought a new minnesota twins t-shirt for upcoming baseball games from target with a gift card i received from buying a new iphone) or promo codes on retailmenot.com or going through sites like ebates.com or mypoints.com so i get some money or points back that i will, in turn, eventually redeem for gift cards/codes like i did through amazon to buy my sorel boots this month.  i only put in orders at thredup.com on mondays so i can use the "mobilemondays" code and get an extra 10% off.  and the belt was so cheap because of a high-value cartwheel i used.  i know all of these methods helped me save a lot of money this month and stay under $100, which was my goal!

do you do a lot of "research" like this before you make purchases online or in a store?

thanks for visiting!  linking up with fran.

02 March 2015

payless FTW.

merona sweater {thrifted target stock}
loft floral skirt {thrifted}
american eagle (payless brand) heels

i love wearing these shoes so much because i never now what reaction they'll elicit from people.  today i was contemplating the numerous varieties of coffee at target (a chai spice coffee?  what the what!) and a woman passing by the aisle came up to me and said she loved these shoes!  she said she had a similar burgundy pair when she was younger and loved the strap across the foot.  i said that's exactly why i love them - they stay on my feet.  she also said they also looked very "downton".  haha!  i absolutely love random connections with strangers, so i'm so glad this lady approached me.  and another win for these payless heels!

i've said it before, but payless is definitely one of my favorite places to shop for shoes.  i'm in the market for a new pair of plain nude wedges and thought to check out payless first, and though i didn't find what i was looking for i came across these gems... bring on a bogo, payless!

27 February 2015

four things friday (places i've lived)

land's end canvas gingham {thrifted}
ruff hewn jacket {thrifted}
j crew paisley scarf {via thredup*}
old navy sweetheart boot-cut jeans
puma 76 runners

hi everybody!  happy friday!  aside from the fact that this gingham shirt clearly looks like it's missing a button at the bottom (it's not, i swear!  but there really should be another button there) - let's get on with another installment of four things friday.  i skipped last friday, which was about four books i have read and would recommend as you can check that out under my book reviews page.  but today's question is more interesting:  four places i have lived:

*atlanta, georgia:  my family moved to a suburb of atlanta, georgia when i was around four due to a job my dad had at the time that transferred our family down there from minnesota.  i lived there for over twenty years so it's really where i consider i grew up.  i lived in a very culturally-diverse area which i appreciated and impacted me in a positive way.  i also learned how to drive aggressively on six-lane atlanta highways but i never developed a southern accent (nope, the word "ya'll" has never escaped my lips)!

*greenville, south carolina:  i went to college in greenville for my freshman year.  most of what i remember about greenville relates to my college campus, which truly did feel like a little bubble dropped into the city of greenville.  i never really had a reason to leave campus or explore the city on my own, but i guess i don't feel too much regret over that.  what sticks out to me most about greenville is palmetto trees on everything!

*athens, georgia:  i finished up my last two years of college at the university of georgia in athens.  athens truly is a college town with football pride around every corner, but i had a great experience there and so miss football saturdays!  go dawgs!

*st paul, minnesota:  for the past seven years, i've lived in suburbs of st paul, minnesota, and i feel as though i've made the arc back to my home - now i just need to get my parents to move back up here!

get the look:  similar gingham / similar jacket / similar scarf / exact jeans / exact shoes

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23 February 2015

dressed with a scarf.

merona fit & flare dress
world market scarf
impo tesla booties

i have to give a shout out to my pal katie for inspiring this outfit!  i couldn't sleep one night and was scrolling through my blog reader and saw her in this dress with matching black tights, booties, and a scarf and knew that's what i was going to wear the next day!  and just like that--done!  i think the size of the print in the scarf and the combination of colors works really well with the black & gray striped dress.  the only change i would have made was a different colored belt, but otherwise i was so pleased with this outfit!  

i'm really thankful that i felt so confident and comfortable in this outfit as well, as it got me through an hour long continuing education presentation, about five care conferences, and a bedside memorial with other staff at the nursing home where i work and family of a dying resident.  my job has been so crazy and emotional lately, but i always have more confidence to push through when i feel good about myself and what i'm wearing and this dress always does that for me!

get the look:  similar dress {with short sleeves} / similar scarf / exact booties / similar belt / similar earrings

19 February 2015


loft scalloped ruffle sweater
loft ankle pants {via thredup*}
cl by laundry marcie wedges
target cluster necklace

i am one of those people who has to wear new clothes i buy right away. i mean, instant new outfit = little thinking!  if too much time passes and i haven't worn something new it makes me think it was not a good purchase. i'm glad to say these pants and wedges were good additions to my closest though. i don't always have the best luck at thredup but these pants fit perfectly and are the right ankle length for my taste.  a -11 starting temp this morning wasn't going to keep me away from these pants!!  and the fun metallic wedges (thanks again caroline) added a fun touch especially as they played off the gold in the necklace and the rose hue of my sweater.

thanks for visiting!!

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18 February 2015

the replacements.


old navy sweater & button-down
the limited skirt {thrifted}
impo tesla booties
one wink casted crystal necklace

last month, i mentioned i got rid of a few pairs of shoes, including this pair of fioni booties from payless.  i snagged them on ebay after having kept them in mind for years and years, seeing them on one of the first style bloggers i ever followed.  unfortunately, they were pinchy tight and uncomfortable and i didn't wear them that much!

i had some  reward money to use up at dsw by the beginning of the month, and after two trips to an actual store and multiple searches online, i finally bought both the necklace and the booties you see me wearing here.  black booties seem kind of like a boring purchase to me, kind of like toilet paper -- necessary, but money you'd rather spend on a new purse or something.  either way, i was happy to find a more simplistic style with lower heel that appealed to me for a reasonable price tag.  i've also been looking for a statement necklace with predominantly black/clear stones ever since this one arrived broken, so i was glad to also find one at dsw.com i could add to my order to qualify for free shipping!

it feels good  to make replacement purchases that i know will have much more staying power in my closet!  do you often get rid of specific items in your closet as you know you can replace them with a better alternative?

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13 February 2015

four things friday (movies)

j crew factory embroidered front top
old navy sweetheart boot-cut jeans
toms suede desert wedges

finally, friday!  fridays are notoriously my busiest days at work and today was no exception.  i feel like i could collapse in bed and be dead to the world for hours, but not until i answer my "four things friday" question:  four movies i’ve watched more than once:

well, this question is a little tricky as i feel like most movies i like or choose to watch i end up seeing more than once... so maybe i'll list four movies that i will always stop and watch if they come on tv?

* 27 dresses: this is one of my all-time favorite movies and i seriously can watch it over & over.  i love katherine heigl's character in this movie compared to many of the movies/tv shows she's been featured in since then, and i love the love story that develops between her and malcom! 

* 13 going on 30: i love when this movie comes on tv - much like 27 dresses, i love jennifer garner's character and i think it's one of the better freaky friday-ish/girl goes back in time and must figure out how to get back to her real self type of movies.

* you've got mail:  even though this movie is getting up there in years and it's funny to chuckle when you hear the dial-tone connecting to AOL, i just love not only the fact that meg ryan's character works in a bookstore but that she develops a friendship with someone online as that is how so many of my friendships have developed in my life.

* definitely, maybe:  this is another movie that you'll see on tv every so often that i always have to stop and watch.  i think ryan renyolds is a great romantic-comedy actor and i love how he tells the story about meeting his daughter's mom to her throughout the movie with the various flashbacks and the audience is right there with her, trying to figure out who the mom is!

is it obvious that my favorite movies are romantic comedies?!  have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

12 February 2015

throwback jacket.

merona cropped jacket {thrifted target stock}
old navy lace top   ·   ann taylor pants
mix no. 6 wedges   ·   payless necklace

i'm linking up with alice today for throwback thursday with the emphasis on this blazer that i last wore in july 2014.  it felt good to pull it out again and i loved it paired with the yellow shoes and yellow necklace.  everything about it just seemed to work for me and made me feel tall and confident all day!  let's just hope my eyes didn't look as buggy in real life as they did in these pictures, haha!  oh well... i never said i was photogenic!

i definitely push the limits of footwear during the winter; usually what you see me wearing on my blog is what i wear into work, bare feet and all, considering i have maybe 40 steps to walk across the parking lot into the building.  however, on days it snows or the temp is sub zero (like today) i definitely wear socks and boots into work!  in fact, i finally feel like a true minnesotan because i just bought a proper pair of winter boots that i love so much i see myself wearing them into work much more often!

get the look:  similar jacket / similar blouse / similar pants / similar necklace / similar wedges / exact boots