15 May 2015

make do.

j crew floral eyelet blouse {thrifted}
mossimo straight leg jeans & ona flats
one wink necklace

{ similar blouse / exact jeans / this season's flats / similar necklace }

today i wanted to reach for this top that i have in a melon color but realized i haven't worn this one in cornflower blue as often.  there's a two size difference between the two tops and the size missing in between would be perfect but i make do with both.

i thought i would give an update on my fitbit today.  i've had it for about a week and have already found that it's motivated me to keep moving.  it was interesting wearing it to work the first few days to better gauge just how much i get up and walk around at work - not much!  i thought i moved around much more than i do, but there are still long periods of time when i am sitting at my desk or only get up to walk a few steps to the bathroom or something.  i'm still trying to take walks around the block my work is situated on, but as the weather gets warmer i think that will be more difficult as i don't want to come back a sweaty, smelly mess.  i am not sure how i could work in much more activity during the workday to reach the 10,000 steps goal before i get home so i have had to add in treadmill walks, but i think this is a good thing because i need to have that physical activity in addition to just steps from point A to point B.  if i got all my steps in at work during the day, i think i would be less inclined to actually exercise when i get home.

the fitbit is also helping me be more active on the weekends.  i am a homebody and like to sleep in, lounge around on the internet with coffee or lay in bed and read for hours and only leave the house for my weekly grocery store run.  i've been very motivated so far to take a walk outside on the weekends and usually another jaunt on the treadmill or shorter outside walk in the evening to get my 10,000 steps.  in the past, i never would have done that.  exercising twice in one day?  crazy!  i can find any excuse not to exercise but this little tracker on my wrist has wiped all my excuses away and since i got it, i've exercised every single day.  i'm so proud of that and i really feel my fitbit will continue to have a positive effect on my health.

thanks for letting me share - have a great weekend!

14 May 2015

inspired by...

j crew button down {thrifted}   ·  j crew factory basketweave skirt
adrienne vittadini flats   ·   target belt & necklace
old navy denim jacket

{ similar button-down / exact skirt / similar flats / similar belt / similar necklace / similar jacket }

every once in a while i'll revisit blogs whose names i remember that i may have stopped following for whatever reason, usually if i find i am not as inspired by or connected with that blogger's style anymore.  i recently revisited what i wore and really enjoyed scrolling though the first grew pages of her blog, especially when i spotted this outfit.  i must have stared at it for several minutes (creepy?).  i just love the floral skirt, the denim jacket, the simple tee underneath.  perfect!

i had that look in mind as i got dressed today as i knew i wanted to wear this floral skirt again, but i didn't really think it through as i should have worn a lighter weight tee underneath instead of the button-down whose sleeves i could have pushed up easier, but i wasn't certain i'd keep the jacket on all day as i get so overheated at my workplace.  i still like the look of the denim jacket worn as a layering piece with a skirt and definitely see myself trying another variation of this look sometime without the belt or necklace.

13 May 2015

plain to polished.

merona lace blouse   ·  old navy boyfriend khakis
fioni carissa flats   ·  simonson's jewelry necklace {local}

{ similar blouse / exact pants / similar flats / similar necklace }

sometimes i think outfits like this are just too plain to post.  i mean, it's a top and a pair of pants, did it really require any fashion thought or styling?  do outfits like this have a place in the blogosphere?  well, for me they do.  i try to make simpler outfits interesting by adding necklaces or fun pairs of shoes to complement a top and bottom and i think this is a good example of that.  my friend brynn has a plain to polished series on her blog and i think this would fit right in.  without the coordinating necklace and shoes it would feel pretty plain but with those accessories the outfit feels cohesive and complete (at least in my eyes)!

12 May 2015

go to blouse.

ana blouse {thrifted}
old navy boyfriend khakis
mossimo ona flats

{ similar blouse / exact pants / exact flats }

this outfit feels a little plain and uninspired but i had gotten home pretty late the previous night from a baseball game and didn't get much sleep and was basically dead to the world today.  i don't know what was wrong with me but i could barely keep my eyes open all day!  i must be getting old.  usually in these instances i grab this skirt but i felt like i just wore it.  on the other hand, i hadn't worn this blouse in a while so i just threw it on and that was that!  sometimes that's how my outfits come together.  nothing special, not much thought, just a practical need to get out the door.  curling my hair did help though as i find that usually elevates the way i feel about my look since my hair is getting pretty long and scraggly these days.

here's a fun picture from the game.  it was star wars night (may the 4th be with you - get it?).  there were people dressed up as darth vadar and storm troopers and the players had light sabers as bats in their pictures on the jumbo-tron.  i'm not particularly a star wars fan (i've only seen a couple of the newer movies with natalie portman) but the theme still made for a fun evening!  and we had awesome seats right behind our team's dugout!

11 May 2015

skirts & sweaters.

old navy embellished sweater   ·   mossimo ona flats
 j crew factory skirt & scarf {both via thredup*}

{ similar sweater / this season's skirt / similar scarf / exact flats }

i have always liked the look of skirts and long sleeves/sweaters and this week has had the perfect temperatures for those kinds of looks.  i kind of just threw this together so there wasn't as much thought put into it as i would have liked, but i also wasn't sure if i was ready to go with bare legs or not and didn't want to be late to work going back and forth in front of the mirror for too long.  no one where i work ever wears skirts or bare legs so when i do i feel i stand out more than i already do with the bright prints and colors that i already wear. i'm glad i went for it though!  thanks for visiting!

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07 May 2015


mossimo straight leg jeans & ona flats
j crew factory eyelet blouse
target beaded necklace

{ exact blouse / exact jeans / exact flats / exact necklace }

my outfit combinations are definitely inspired by anything and everything... today's was inspired by a singer i saw on the voice recently who was wearing a navy blue suit and a black button-down underneath it.  i thought, hey, navy & black look really sharp together!  enter in my new favorite jeans and a new blouse that just came in the mail!  i also commend myself for wearing these leopard print flats that have been gathering dust since january.  apparently wearing animal print doesn't come as easily to me as other prints like florals or stripes because i just haven't known what to wear them with.  it felt more natural when i added the necklace of the same hue.  and the shoes ended up being pretty apt as the day i wore this, an organization brought a bunch of exotic animals to showcase at my nursing home... the baby fox was pretty cute but i'm a-okay that i missed seeing the snake!

thanks for visiting!

06 May 2015

see ya.

old navy blouse   ·   loft ankle pants
cl by laundry nima wedges
one wink necklace

{ similar blouse / similar pants / exact wedges / similar necklace }

so, i've decided to say goodbye to...


these pants!  i knew i wouldn't fool anyone in thinking i was saying goodbye to this blog.  what would i do with all my free time if i didn't keep up with it!  no, these pants are going in the eBay pile.  they just don't look flattering on me and i was actually quite self-conscious the day i wore this outfit to work. the pant's proportions are off and/or my proportions are off and i don't think i will ever be able to make them work.  perhaps i'm just not meant to wear ankle pants?  quite honestly, i have never thought they looked good on me (reference this gem from the time capsule) but i kept trying so i'd have an alternative type of pant to wear in the spring and summer months.  but no more; i'm over ankle pants, yall, and it feels good.  have you said goodbye to any clothing items recently?

05 May 2015

eat all the stuff.

merona blouse & flats
ann taylor signature sateen pants
minicci (payless brand) necklace

{ similar blouse / exact pants / similar necklace / exact flats }

i am starting to try to take advantage of my two fifteen minute breaks during the workday (that i usually never take) to be outside and walk around the block my building is situated on.  it's maybe 1/2 mile if anything but it feels good to be in the fresh air even if i'm not burning many calories.  i'll probably be wearing more flats as we transition seasons so my heels or wedges don't turn into an excuse not to do this.  i have to counteract the ever present donuts that are always around my workplace somehow!

are there a lot of snacks and treats that float around your workplace?  holy man, i'm convinced we single-handedly keep the bakery department at the grocery store down the road in the doughnut business and there's a potluck for some event at least once a month.  i have developed good self-control lately but sometimes i just wish someone would bring in a fruit tray, ya know?  is it too much to ask for fruit?!  time to stock my desk drawer with granola bars or nuts or something healthier i guess!

04 May 2015

swiss dots & fitbits.

old navy swiss dot blouse   ·  j crew factory scarf
merona barely boot cut pants   ·  cl by laundry marcie wedges

{ similar blouse / similar scarf / exact pants / exact wedges }

i am still following the hanger trick in my closet by rotating the hanger around after i wear something, but that hasn't stoped me from continuing to reach for those items.  in fact, i have all but abandoned by vast, colorful collection of button-down shirts.  maybe i need to make some hard decisions about how many button-downs i want to take up space in my closet if i never wear them!  3/4 sleeve blouses like this one from old navy seem more versatile and there's no awkward button-gaping.  i haven't worn this one in a while but was reminded how much i love the teal blue color and swiss dots!

the warmer weather definitely pushes me to want to move away from my daily treadmill walks to walking outside again and increasing my activity level, so with these thoughts i caved and got a fitbit charge.  three of my friends and a coworker have one so i feel i've gotten a good grasp about the pros and cons.  i'm naturally curious about how many steps i take in a normal working day so i think it will be a good tool to have to increase my activity and that hopefully lead to healthier habits and weight loss.  i also think i am going to be really motivated by my progress throughout the day or doing challenges with my friends. 

do any of you guys have a fitbit?  i can't say i've noticed any of my fellow blogging friends wearing one so i'd be curious to hear if anyone does and what your experience has been!