14 July 2015

week in review {july 6-10}

it's a great feeling when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.

i've always had an aversion to feet -  showing my toes, walking around barefoot, wearing sandals.  i don't know where this stemmed from but it's just always been one of those things.  when i received a bottle of bright pink nail polish in my most recent target beauty box i figured i might as well use it, so i painted my toenails.  afterwards i looked down and thought i was looking at someone else's feet.  i thought, "hey, i kind of like that."  maybe i could see myself walking around barefoot once in a while or, gasp, wearing sandals!

a few days later, i took a pair of sandals i spotted at target into the dressing room along with the pair of pants i'm wearing on wednesday (i'm wearing the same style in black on monday and thursday).  although the sandals weren't exactly what i may have been looking for, i liked the fact that i could squash a misconception i've had about myself for so, so many years.  and i can't wait to find out what i can learn about myself next.

monday: j crew factory linen-lace tee {exact} / merona classic ankle pants {exact} / mossimo ona flats {exact} / target cluster necklace {similar}

tuesday: thredupped* j crew factory pullover {similar} / old navy skinny boyfriend khakis {exact} / merona scarf {similar} / c label sherry flats {similar}

wednesday: j crew factory embroidered peasant blouse {similar} / merona classic ankle pants {exact} / merona emma flats {exact} / minicci (payless brand) necklace {similar}

thursday: old navy crepe blouse {similar} / merona classic ankle pants {exact} / cl by chinese laundry nima wedges {exact} / thrifted target stock necklace {similar}

friday:  j crew factory textured grid shirt {exact} / mossimo straight-leg jeans {exact} / j crew factory lightweight long scarf {similar} / mossimo ona flats {exact}

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