27 July 2015

week in review {july 13-17}

when i let go of the pressure and responsibility to blog a few weeks ago, i also began to undo this pressure that had been developing like a tight vice around my closet.  i'd gotten so caught up and, frankly, annoyed and burnt out by the ever-present thoughts, rules, suggestions, ideas that are always being discussed or thrown around in the style blogging world.  does this match with that?  does this color go with that color?  is it the right season for this type of top or that type of pattern?  i should turn around my hangers so i don't repeat items too often.  i shouldn't wear that, i already wore it this month.  and on and on and on.

anyway, i let go of all of that and it's felt so freeing.  i rarely think about what i am going to wear the next day before i go to bed and i just wake up, walk in my closet, and pick out what i want to wear.  let's just all do that and forget about the rest!  otherwise, where is the fun in fashion?  those are the blogs that are most fun to read and the people you feel most connected to anyway, right?  so, if you don't mind i'm wearing the same merona ankle pants twice this week that i wore three times last week (that ugh, i do wish were a titch longer).  and i'll probably wear them at least once or twice next week, too.

thanks for visiting!

monday: merona printed crepe shell {exact} / old navy cardigan {similar} / merona classic ankle pants {exact} / merona emma flats {exact}

tuesday: merona scoop-neck chiffon blouse {similar} / ann taylor signature sateen pants {similar} / target necklace {similar} / merona meaghan flats {similar}

wednesday: old navy sleeveless sheath dress {exact} / old navy eyelet button-down {similar} / mossimo belt {similar} / old navy flats {similar} / charming charlie necklace {similar}

thursday: j crew factory linen lace the {exact} / merona classic ankle pants {exact} / merona bella flats {similar} / octavia bloom necklace {exact}

friday: j crew factory blouse {similar} / mossimo straight leg jeans {exact} / mossimo ona flats {exact}

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