28 March 2013

march 28th {5D5W: dresses}

eshakti dress {c/o}   ·   merona cardigan
mix no 6 otavia wedges

is it crazy to think that an orange dress can be one of the most versatile items in my closet?  it's definitely true!  give me color over black any day, and i'll show you it's just as--if not more--versatile.  i featured three ways to wear this dress in my initial review after receiving it from eshakti and wanted to share another option as i'm wearing it today for fran & whitney's 5 days, 5 ways challenge.  i have worn the dress one other time too that you can check out here (it's similar to the middle picture below).

oh, and please ignore the tear in my tights... i slipped on ice (again!) this morning and skinned my knee through my tights.  what am i, 6?  who skins their knees?!  at least the shoes were unscathed, that's all i can say.  i mean, how awesome are these shoes!  thanks for visiting!

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