27 February 2013

february 27th {detour}

retro poplin dress {c/o eshakti}   ·   j crew riviera jacket
merona maye heels {thrifted target stock}

i figured i would jump right in and wear this dress that i reviewed from eshakti on monday with a look pretty similar to what i posted but with a different necklace and shoes.  there is time to be more creative but i like how the neutral jacket and shoes paired against the bright orange dress.  looking for a dress of your own at eshakti?  they are offering my readers 20% off with the code LTERTELYST valid through 03/10/13.  happy shopping!

today i was in my car nearly half the day, which is unusual for me... i have a lot of clients and a lot of visits each week {i'm a social worker and provide care coordination to seniors as a part of their health plan for anyone who might not know or may be new around here}, but i try to plan my visits the previous week so i can spread them out so i only have maybe one a day.  today i had to go to a care conference for one of my clients who lives 30 miles away from my office, so i decided to tack on some other visits as i worked my way back... unfortunately the care conference ran long and i had to cancel my second appointment.  then, as i was attempting to get back to the office, a major highway i needed to take was completely closed and i had no idea how to get to my third visit, much less back to my office!  i wanted to go east on this highway but was forced to go west and ended up going 20 miles out of my way before i finally recognized familiar exits and could maneuver back to my office.  so my original intention of combining trips backfired on me and i only got through 1 of the 3 visits i wanted to make and ended up needing to take a ridiculous detour. 

i blame this on minneapolis!  minnesotans are funny... i think those of us who live in st paul are more comfortable staying in st paul and the same goes for those who live in minneapolis.  we don't understand the layout of one another's cities and it seems like such an effort to cross over the mississippi river (the dividing line) to go into the other city.  i'm a st paul girl and the visits i had today were in minneapolis suburbs.  unfortunately i think i'll have to head back sooner than i'd prefer since i missed two of my visits today. does a similar feeling exist between your city and a neighboring city?  more importantly, how did we handle getting lost before smart phones existed?!

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