28 February 2013

february 28th {colorful}

merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}   ·   limited scarf {thrifted}
j crew factory pencil skirt    ·   lela rose for payless heels

it's funny, i read about 3-4 blog posts today in which the blogger lamented for spring, either because of the potential for warmer weather or for the opportunity to wear brighter clothes.  well, not this lady... we're still in the dead of winter here in minnesota but i'm already dressing like it's spring!  i can get disillusioned after reading so many other people's thoughts about getting dressed, but sometimes i just want to say, "wear what you want, when you want, the end!"  is that bad?  what i mean is, there should be no rule that you have to wait until a certain calendar month to wear a certain color or print.  because really... who should it matter to aside from anyone but you?  when i bought my green gingham shirt and orange button-down at old navy a few weeks back, the cashier said, "looks like you're doing some spring shopping!"  and i thought to myself, "er, no... i do not plan to stick these in the back of my closet and not wear them until may."  i'm all for wearing what you want and wearing it proudly... and that includes color (can you tell!).

i don't mind winter, but one reason i am looking forward to spring is so i don't have to wear tights as often.  i'm getting stumped on matching tights to my outfits and then shoes.  i also have some shoes that just don't look right with tights that i'm ready to wear again (nude wedges, i'm looking at you).

do you feel as though you have to balance colors, textures, prints with the seasons or do you wear what you want, when you want?  i think it is so interesting to hear other people's take on this!  thanks for visiting.

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