26 February 2013

february 2013 {budget & spending}

here's a recap of my february spending.  i'm linking up again with franziska and other budgeting bloggers.  overall, i'm pretty pleased with myeslf for sticking close to the average i started in january.

paid original
old navy green gingham shirt 15 24.94 see here
old navy orange oxford shirt 15 24.94 see here
merona ribbed navy tights 3.80 8.00
merona taupe tights 3.80 8.00 see here
merona doubleweave skirt - purple (new-gw) 4.99 22.99 see here
merona green ponte skirt (new-gw) 4.99

evan-picone magenta blazer (gw) 3.50
see here
pendelton gray plaid blazer (gw) 2.50
see here
*eshakti retro poplin dress  c/o 59.95 see here
merona skinny belt - purple (new gw) 0.99 12.99
merona maye animal print pumps (new-gw) 6.99 29.99
mossimo skinny sea foam green belt (new-gw) 0.99 12.99
*target skinny pink animal print belt (new-gw) 0.99 12.99
*limited floral watercolor scarf (gw) 2.99

*remington brown headband (new-gw) 0.99 5.00


pluses: i sold the loft animal print skirt i felt indifferent about from my january spending post to a reader--i'm glad i was able to send it off to a new home and i hope you like it, if you're reading!  i also sold quite a few items on ebay this month.  i don't subtract those sales from my monthly budget, but i now have a cushion of money in my paypal account i can use towards anything i may want to purchase online in the future that accepts paypal.  not sure if this makes sense or not, but it's how i figure it in my mind.

minuses: unfortunately i'm not that excited about anything i purchased this month aside from the magenta blazer.  tights--sure, i need 'em and they were a good price, but not all that exciting.  i also think i got a little too excited about the old navy oxfords because i'm not as in love with the green gingham as i thought i may be.  but i'll definitely try to inspire myself to wear it!  the belts and shoes were impulse purchases at the goodwill--that's all i can even say about that.  how can anyone resist a 99 cent belt--or in my case, three?  i know, i know.

how did you do with your spending this month?

notes:  items with an * are not pictured above.  if the item is available for purchase online, the link will bring you to the retailer's website.  "gw" stands for "goodwill" - meaning the item was thrifted.  "new-gw" stands for new target stock i find at the goodwill.

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