28 January 2013

january {budget & spending}

i am going to try to be better at recapping my budget & spending each month and link up with franish & other budgeting bloggers.  i hope it will keep me on track with some of the goals i have for clothing spending this year.  here is how it broke down this month:

january paid original
talbots navy/white geometric skirt (gw) 2.49
see here
old navy pink dahlia cardigan (gw) 2.49

*gap kids blue striped button-down (gw) 1.49
see here
loft olive/brown full skirt (gw) 2.49
see here
*loft animal polka dot print skirt (gw) 2.49

merona yellow skinny belt 1.94 12.99 see here
merona navy tights 8 8
cherokee white button-down (new-gw) 4.99 12.99 see here
merona blue tiered blouse (new-gw) 4.99 12.99
merona yellow cardigan (new-gw) 4.99 22.99
*coldwater creek magenta blouse (gw) 3.50
see here
merona cross over pleated blouse 5.98 19.99
merona melinda teal wedges {$8.98 - gc} 1.48 29.99
merona kalama cognac boots {10.98 - gc} 3.48 34.99 see here
merona leather gloves 6.58 21.99
j crew factory wool skirt {20.99-ppal bal.} 4.42 89.50
j crew factory tissue tee - cobalt 5.99 23.50


regrets:  i'll probably end up listing the loft animal print skirt on ebay.  this was an example of a goodwill purchase that was made just because the price was right... i don't even really care for animal print so i don't know what i was thinking!  even at $2.50, it's not worth taking up space in my closet if i'll truly never wear it.

budget:  i have not given myself a strict budget yet this year but i would like to stay under $100 each month and closer to $60-75 so i am pleased that happened this month, even after making a last-minute purchase of a skirt & tissue tee at j crew factory.  i used the remaining paypal balance i had in my account and deducted that from the total, so i really only spent about $15 oop with shipping.  the money in my paypal account is what i earn for selling on ebay so i think of it like a credit i can put toward the purchases i make online.  i also used gift cards towards the merona shoes i bought at target, which is why the price i paid looks so low.

goals:  this year i want to add more solid colored pencil skirts and colored shoes to my closet.  i am definitely on my way there!  i didn't go to the goodwill much this month (maybe only once??), so if i go more often next month i need to be smarter about what i buy.  this is a constant struggle when prices are so low.  thanks for reading!

notes:  items with an * are not pictured above. if the item is still available for purchase online, the link will bring you to the retailer's website.  "gw" stands for "goodwill" - meaning the item was thrifted, and "new-gw" stands for new target stock i find at the goodwill.

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