16 January 2013

january 14-15 {blah}

is it just me, or do you get discouraged with getting dressed and posting to your blog if you have an outfit or two early in the week that were misses?  this is what i wore on monday and i felt so incomfortable in it all day.  i was thankful to be holed up in my office all day aside from one quick meeting with my boss so i didn't have to see anyone!  what's wrong with it? 

i wanted to bring in another color and immediately thought of the magenta pumps on the left i got at target over the weekend.  i have a goal this year to add more colored shoes to my closet and was willing to take the plunge at $14.98.  they're my normal size, but something about the hidden platform and higher than high heel made them incredibly uncomfortable and pinchy.  i was thankful i wore flats into the office and carried these in my bag to change into and didn't wear them outside as they were promptly returned.  i wanted my shoes & necklace to match, but even though i have a lot of accessories, i am still missing certain colors of necklaces.  the necklace is more red/coral toned and my eye can immediately pick out that my shoes and necklace didn't match as well as i would have liked.  finally:  the button-down is another boy's shirt from the goodwill, donated target stock.  it fits but it's still a bit baggy in the sleeves and of course the sleeves are too short length-wise so i had to roll them up so it didn't appear as if i had shrunk the shirt in the dryer.  the cut and fabric of the blouse also feels more casual paired against the full, girly skirt.  maybe i should stop buying little boy's shirts?? 


here's what i wore on tuesday--i love this skirt, but the sweater is too tight and showed too many lumps.  i tried the tank-top trick over the button-down so the buttons didn't press through and show through the sweater, but it just made for too many layers and i couldn't get them smoothed out.  maybe i also have bad posture!

let's chat / do you share your "outfit fails" on your blog?  what are your thoughts my outfits so far this week?  you can be honest, seeing as how i've already pointed out all of the flaws i see!

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  1. I noticed you wear a lot of dark tights. How about a nude tight. I love the pops of color you incorporated. I also enjoyed your closet tour. I read your blog every day and wanted to ask if could answer questions about thrifting tips