18 January 2013

january 17th {florals}

coldwater creek blouse {thrifted}  
merona heels {old}   ·   j crew skirt {ebayed}

since you guys were so kind about my post from tuesday with my outfit fails, i feel a little more confident in posting this outfit from thusday.  it is true, i have worn this skirt once a week since the start of the month.  but i hereby solemnly swear that should i wear it again next week i will at least iron it first.  it's starting to turn into a pleated skirt.  and it took a lot for me not to pair it with the yellow-green belt i wore twice last week so i see that as a small plus!  :)

some of my favorite blogs have been talking about being in a rut or funk lately, whether it's finding something to wear based on the weather or just transitioning back into work-mode after the holidays.  it's nice that we can support and lift one another up and still find positive comments to share with one another when we may not see those things ourselves.  so... i end the week by thanking you for that!

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