15 January 2013

closet tour {part two}

part two of my closet tour is my bedroom closet.  i have a pretty standard bedroom closet, as you can see.  and i've gone through many tries to get most of my clothes in here! 

i keep all of my sweaters, cardigans, & button-down shirts on the hanging rod.  i have a wooden shelf sitting on the floor that has stacks of tanks, camis, and t-shirts and hoodies that i wear to bed.

i store my tights in the shoe boxes on the left of the shelf that i covered in  fabric--remember i made a skirt out of this fabric?

the three-drawer plastic cart on the far left keeps underwear, bras, socks, and pajama pants neat and out of sight.

i have jeans, cords, and khaki pants stacked on top of the shelf and dress pants stacked atop the shelf along with some bulkier sweaters {see close-up shot below}.  i am always running out of hangers!

speaking of hangers, i had the bright idea to transition to all wooden hangers (from ikea) a few years ago but quickly ran out and had to supplement with plastic hangers, hence the unpleasant mix of wooden + plastic hangers.  i tried to at least center all of the wooden hangers in the front but i'd like to eventually use all wooden hangers so i'm sure during my next trip to ikea i'll be picking up a few more packs.

i am always trying to find creative ways to utilize overhead space; it seems like such a waste that the shelf/bar is at eye level but there are a couple feet of space above head.  my solution is a horizontal closet maid shelf sitting atop the shelf for more vertical stacking space. the rolled up items on the shelves are all of my short-sleeve and sleeveless blouses.  there simply wasn't enough room on the rod to hang all of my clothes {i already had to resort using the hall closet to hang my skirts!} and blouses are easier to fold and stack than cardigans.  when i was fixing my botched color-coded closet on new years eve, i tried something new and rolled all of the shirts as they'd previously been folded.  i like how it's easier to see each print or color and i can quickly grab the blouse i want to wear.  unfortunately, the shelf is full so if i start adding more blouses to my wardrobe i'll have to go back to folding & stacking them or adopt the mindset of "one in, one out."  for now i think this is really fun to look at!

what you can't see:  
·  my dresses are hanging on the far right of my closet, and i have other sweaters and stacks of clothes in a "to donate or not to donate?" pile on the far right side of the shelf.
·  i have over-the-door hooks on the back of the closet door where i hang up potential outfit combinations
·  my scarves are strung through an ikea komplement hanger (i found mine at the goodwill), which is hung on an over-the-door hook on the back of the bedroom door

so, that about wraps up the tour of my bedroom closet--even though i was disappointed with the small space to begin with, i think i've made it work really well for my ever-expanding wardrobe and i've found other creative and space-saving ways to store just about everything else.  it doesn't always seem that exciting to me, but i think it's fun glimpsing into other people's closets.

let's chat / is there anything else in my closets that i didn't share that you'd like to see?  have you shared a closet tour on your own blog?  if so, i'd love to take a peak if you leave the link in the comments--maybe i can get more ideas for my own!

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