27 March 2012

tuesday (punchy)

handmade (by me) skirt   old navy cardigan
isaac mizrahi for target scallop blouse {thrifted}
lela rose for payless finsbury pumps   forever21 belt

this is the fabric i thrifted last week that i wondered how it would transform into a skirt.  all i can say is that it's punchy and a little vintage and i love it.  i think i will wear almost anything that is colorful and has a fun print to it.  still, sometimes i have to step back from that and think about how others might analyze my outfits - i can't imagine anyone i encounter in my day-to-day life would know what a fashion blog is or understand that for "us" it's no big deal to mix patterns, wear chunky necklaces outside of a blouse, belt scarves, etc.  i love how much creativity i've developed from seeing one person try one of those above looks and thinking, "i am going to do that too."  i think my propensity towards color and boldness has come out of that confidence.  and i definitely have not always been this way so directly or indirectly, thank you for being an inspiration!

isn't it amazing how one little punchy piece of fabric can lead me into this output of insight and appreciation?  hopefully many of you out there know what i mean!  thank you so much for dropping by!

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