18 March 2012

sunday (goodwill)

one of these days i will do a goodwill tour post or something but for now it's fun to share the goodies i walk away with each week.  the goodwill opens at 11am on sundays here and the new colored tag sale for the week also starts on sundays, and the parking lot is always full by 10:55am.  i have no right to gawk since i am there by that time too, it just continues to surprise me that so many people show up at the goodwill each weekend waiting for the doors to open.  it really is like black friday at target (okay, not quite, but almost!).

i had a basket full of target stock sweaters & cardigans to try on today but only came away with a mossimo sweater (perfect for our 70 degree weather) and the cabi muse blouse...

oh, and if anyone has been following my wu report (edition 1 & edition 2), i came across a lone sheer blouse in blush pink in an xs that i tried on, but it didn't thrill me!  but jason wu is still showing up at this goodwill!

my "splurge" (meaning it wasn't the correct colored tag that was discounted today) was this wad of fabric.  i loved the paisley print & the bright colors & knowing that i have a cardigan that will match all the colors!  since there is so much of it, i might offer a giveaway soon & throw in a donated target stock item or two just because so many of you comment on all of the target stock that i find at my goodwill and hey, i love sharing the goodwill.  would anyone be interested?  more importantly, is this print too crazy for a skirt?  i am starting to have second-thoughts!

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