19 March 2012

monday (pants)

 gap outlet striped blouse {thrifted}   mossimo ultra soft cardigan {thrifted target stock}
merona slacks {thrifted target stock}   mossimo virginia pumps  {thrifted target stock}

sometimes i just have to tell myself that pants don't have to be boring! i've noticed that dress pants don't have much of a place in this style blogging community, or maybe i just haven't found a niche of bloggers who have jobs like me or who like to wear non-colored, non-skinny, non-leopard printed pants.  so here i am, proclaiming my love for a well-fitting pair of dress slacks.  and that they don't have to be boring!  you just have to make the rest of your outfit interesting!  here's what i wore today.  i love the combination of the navy + mustard yellow + maroon {see a detail shot of the blouse in this post}.  when it got warm and i took my cardigan off, i still felt put together since the blouse has some visual interest to it.  have a great evening!

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