28 February 2012

tuesday (goodwu)


gap outlet blazer {thrifted}   coldwater creek turtleneck {thrifted}
old navy skirt   old navy sueded rider boots   forever 21 belt

happy tuesday!  i found this great gap outlet dark gray herringbone blazer at the goodwill on sunday.  know what else i found that i was so bummed i couldn't take a picture of for you guys because i forgot my iphone at home?  jason wu.  yes, the navy dress (that my friend whitney is wearing so fabulously here) and a pink sheer shirt.  you can tell how far i stray from trends, i don't even know the names of the pieces.  but i sure could spot them right away after seeing so many bloggers highlight them.  honestly, i don't know how target stock winds up at the GW but i think it's a combination of returns, clearance, and damages.  the jason wu were obviously returns?  a bit of missoni ended up at my local GW's, so i am not surprised that mr wu is too, even though it's only been what, a couple weeks since its debut at target?

i'm pretty excited about the blazer, though!  it's a great dark gray herringbone with fun elbow patches. my blazer collection is expanding, my friends!

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