27 February 2012

monday (the shooties)

mossimo ultra soft cardigan {thrifted target stock}   j crew frances blouse
handmade (by me) skirt   mossimo varana booties   target necklace
some of the older adults i work with or who i run into in the senior building where i work have a lot of comments about my outfits & my shoes... mostly my shoes.  i love it.  today i encountered a group of three women waiting for an elevator who, as i passed, said, "we're all talking about your shoes."  each one proceeded to comment about the heel height, ask how i walk in them, and how i don't lose my balance.  i'm never quite sure what to say when i receive comments like those!  these are really the easiest shoes to walk in since they surround my whole foot and aren't prone to slip off like a traditional high heel, but how to explain that?  maybe i need a couple statements i can pull out in situations like this, like "well, i've had a lot of practice" or "i'm sure i won't be wearing shoes like this for many more years!"  but i'm young enough to do it now, right, so why not?  i love working with older adults and the comments they have for me that literally keep me on my toes!  and these have honestly become my favorite shoes, so hopefully those ladies will get used to seeing me wearing them!  :)

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