14 January 2013

closet tour {part one}

i have been thinking about posting a closet tour for a while now and finally got some posts put together that i thought i would share this week.  i have two closets to work with - the small, standard closet in my bedroom and the hall closet.  my apartment is set up pretty nice in that the living room separates two bedrooms on either side.  in addition to a full bath, there is also a half bath, which is on "my" side of the apartment.  this is where i keep all of my jewelry, as i showed in my jewelry storage post about a year ago.  it's funny to look back on that post and see how much my jewelry collection has grown... i may update it sometime soon!  since i have my clothes and accessories spread out between three spaces, i'll start by giving a tour of the hall closet where i store my belts, skirts, blazers, winter coats, and shoes. 

skirts & blazers / i needed an extra bar where i could hang skirts as they never would have fit in the closet in my bedroom, so it made sense to store my skirts in this closet.  what helps add space is using skirt hangers that have a little notch that allow for another hanger to hang in front of them.  to the right of my skirts are blazers and winter coats.  i recently found a tiered blouse hanger at bed, bath, and beyond that works wonders to provide a little more space but i found it after this picture was taken.  i highly recommend it--in fact, i need one more!


belts / this little closetmaid hook is the perfect thing i've found to store belts.  it attaches with two screws to a small wallspace and holds quite a few belts (there are six prongs, and each holds maybe five belts). i got it at target in the home storage section for less than $5; i couldn't find this exact one online but see the "shopping list" below for a similar option or check your local target!  this identical hook is also sold at bed, bath, and beyond for around $3.99.  i am all about maximizing space, and this little hook fits perfectly on the small wall inside the closet.

this belt organizer is also another good option; i found one at the goodwill but unfortunately it was missing the prongs to attach it to the shelving system so i haven't been able to use it. 

flat shoes / this 15 unit closetmaid shelving unit works great sitting atop the horizontal shelf in my closet to store all of my flats...  in fact, two pairs of flats or one pair of heels fit in each section.  i worried about the weight on that shelf for a while, but it has yet to topple down on me so it's there to stay and it solves the problem of how to maximize that potentially wasted overhead space.  to the right is just extra duvets/comforters and i still have some extra space to the left and atop the shelf that can be filled with stuff {i have too much stuff.}

overflow shoes / right now, i have my tall boots standing up on the closet floor and a wooden shelf sitting on the floor for overflow shoes.  i also have my casual tennis shoes lined up in front (i love puma, can you tell!).  this part of the closet stumps me the most as i feel the space could be utilized better but i've yet to find a piece of furniture that works for my overflow shoes.  i am thinking about buying another one of the closetmaid units where i have my flats to put on the floor as it's guaranteed storage for at least 15 pairs of shoes and there would still be room to the side for my boots to stand up.

heeled shoes / i'm a big proponent of utilizing over-the-door space, and this shoe rack (from the goodwill/originally target) works perfectly to fit most--well--18 pairs of my heels.  i like it better than the shoe organizers that are made with pockets that you slip your shoes into as i can see all my shoes in a quick glance and i can't imagine most heels would fit very well in those pockets!

i also recently discovered that there is a similar over-the-door rack for boot storage - i'd never seen something like that before but it's pretty clever!

i have my wide belts just looped on a hanger to the side as i have yet to find a good place to hang those (they take up too much room on my little belt rack).  maybe a command hook attached to the door next to the shoe rack?

i also have another over-the-door shoe rack on the back of our laundry room door where i put out-of-season shoes, like open-toed sandals.  a couple of the rungs broke off so it's not as full as this one, but it serves its purpose of having another place to store shoes.

so there you have the first of my closet tours.  is there anything that you think works especially well in here or that you would change?  it always helps to have others examine your space and offer suggestions!  feel free to let me know in the comments, and i'll summarize with a shopping list if you want to know where you can find any of the storage pieces i use.

i'll be back tomorrow to share a peak into my bedroom closet!  thanks for visiting!


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