30 December 2011

tour: jewelry storage

i love getting little glimpses into bloggers' homes, especially their closets or storage systems, so i thought i would share how i have organized different parts of my apartment to contain my ever-growing clothing, shoe, and accessory collections!  there are pros & cons to my apartment, but i think i've come up with some pretty clever storage solutions.  of course i'll have to start over again when i move, but for the time being i am finding great ways to make my space work for me!  first up i wanted to share how i organize & display my jewelry in my half bathroom.

do you store your jewelry in a creative or space-saving way?  i am quickly running out of room for necklaces, so i'm hoping another solution will hit me soon!

photo 1: clear plastic storage box - joanns / photo 2: earring shadow box - made by a friend / photo 3: white ceramic pieces - goodwill / photo 4: command hooks - target / photo 5: wall-mounted jewelry storage mirror - thrifted target stock from goodwill

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