02 January 2013

january 2nd {kids wear}

gap kids button-down {thrifted}   ·   forever 21 belt {similar}
merona doubleweave skirt & missoni heels {both thrifted target stock}

there is definitely an advantage to shopping in the kids department--that is, if you're willing to sacrifice appropriate sleeve length and buttons on the wrong side of the placard.  for $1.49, i figured i would take the risk to add a pretty nice business-casual button-down to my closet.  thanks, gap kids!

let's chat!  do you ever shop in the kids department?  do you find that boys or girls items tend to fit better?  my denim shirt is girls sizing but the sleeves are normal length! do little boys have shorter arms than little girls? :)

lastly, with the start of a new year i'm re-energized with my lil blog and i'm going to try to start adding more detail shots like the one above, posing more questions to spark dialogue in the comments, and linking to similar items i'm wearing if i can find them online!  thanks, as always, for visiting!

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  1. I jusr came across your blog a few weeks ago and happy about it.i have been in uniforms for the last five years and will start a new job. So i need to buy office cloths and i am on a buget ....i am happy to see it can be done thanks to your blog