01 January 2013

2012 budget & spending

last year i shared how i did on my total clothes, shoes, and accessories spending for the year so i thought i would do the same for 2012:

month total spent # items bought # thrifted
january 72.59 17 13
february 98.39 21 10
march 79.93 18 15
april 107.80 19 14
may 86.30 18 8
june 48.70 12 7
july 56.84 18 11
august 45.10 19 17
september 134.96 18 5
october 81.69 13 10
november 69.08 17 7
december 48.68 16 8

$930.06 206 125

a few statistics:
·  i bought more clothes this year than i did last year, 206 items to last year's 149
·  the least expensive item i bought was a pair of thrifted tights (new with tags, don't worry) for 50 cents and the most expensive item i bought were lela rose for payless pontevedra pumps for $31.99 (i better start wearing them more often!)
·  i brought 31 new pairs of shoes into my closet.  my mossimo varana shooties were my favorites by far, they were $4.99 new target stock from the goodwill but still available at target.com (i am thinking about buying a backup pair i love them so much)

looking forward:
in rereading that post from 2011, i told myself that i wanted to stick around $50/month, but sadly, that did not happen (september, i'm looking at you!).  i feel it is important that i hold to a firmer budget in 2013 and pay more attention to what i am buying, when/if i wear it, and if it is something that fills a hole in my closet (how many printed cardigans in pink tones do i need?  i have like, four.  but i don't have many solid colored skirts, for example).  if anything, this post is to hold myself accountable and so i do hope to make some changes in 2013.  how did you do with your spending for the year, if it's something that you track?

thanks for reading!

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