01 January 2013

the pajama girls of lambert square {book review}

the pajama girls of lambert square by rosina lippi / my mom gave me this book for christmas and i dove into it immediately, reading a chapter or two in between half a dozen games of whale trail (please tell me there is someone else out there as addicted as i--i'm not even that good at it but i can't. stop. playing. i digress).  the main character in this novel is dodge, a nomadic businessman who has a panache for rescuing struggling businesses that find themselves on the market or in need of a fresh owner.  on his latest venture he finds himself in a fictional small south carolina town where he intends to revitalize a pen shop.  however, his first order of business is not at his new shop, but is in getting to know the locals and the norms of their town.  enter:  julia, another local businesswoman who the reader immediately pens as dodge's romantic interest.  so, does it happen?  i can't give that away!  

i really loved every page of this beautifully written novel.  there was just the right mix of romance, humor, and side story lines to keep the book moving and from feeling too one-sided.  i think that can definitely be a difficult task for some authors!  this novel also left me with a few thoughts about our interactions with new people in our lives and to what extent we should feel obligated to share information about our pasts with new people.  is there any weight to the phrase "lie of omission" if something is learned about someone that was never overtly asked or shared willingly but is discovered later and has a pronounced impact on two people's friendship/relationship?  those are big themes in this book that are played out in a really interesting way.  i hope you'll give this book a read and, of course, if you do please let me know as i'd love to chat more about it!

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