03 January 2013

january 3rd / hey, liz

liz claiborne dress {thrifted}   ·   old navy sliver wedge boots

i picked up this dress at a goodwill in georgia over the christmas holidays.  i'd combed through the entire store and felt a little discouraged that i couldn't find one thing to try on, but then i spotted this printed dress.  the size threw me off for a minute so i simply glanced at it and kept going, but then i actually kept going back to this dress.  i tried it on over my clothes, assuming that it wouldn't fit.  i didn't really think that it did so i put it back.  finally, after my mom had finished her browsing, i went back for it again and when i got her approval i decided it would be worth it to try shrinking in the dryer or cinching with a belt.  turns out none of those options were necessary as this dress fits me perfectly...  if anything, it's a little short.  the only alternation i need to make is to attach some hem tape to the bottom part of the placard after the last button (right now it's held together with a safety pin).  as is pretty typical with me, i immediately accessorized with my cognac belt and boots... i'm nothing if not predictable!

let's chat!  when is the last time you tried something on that was the completely wrong size number but ended up fitting great?  isn't that the best surprise?

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