16 February 2013

feb 11-15 {week in review}

{week 07}
feb 11-15

no picture from monday as my wimpy self was scared off by some snowfall that we got last weekend, so i worked from home.  this has been a draining week; i have worked like a dog so my only goal this weekend is to relax, recharge, and hopefully eat some good food!  i finally picked up some storage units at target this week for my shoe closet so i have some more organizing to do.  cleaning, straightening, and organizing at home always helps me feel a little better when work is going rough.  it helps me to see non-cluttered areas when my brain is experiencing the opposite.  we'll see how far i get.  i hope you all have a great weekend as well and thanks for visiting!

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  1. Have a good weekend relaxing & organising! I really liked your valentines day skirt & the slight nod to the trad colours. We don't do valentines day & I realised when I did my blog post I wore teal & mustard that day despite wearing so much pink/purple the rest of the time!