25 February 2013

eshakti {product review}

eshakti.com recently got in touch with me and offered to send me an item to review and share here on my blog.  after skimming through their spring line, it took about two seconds to settle on this classic silhouette that i can wear year round.  since i've had trouble choosing a standard size at eshatki in the past, this time i tried out the custom measurements... and i think i got it right!  i wish it were a tad shorter but if i really wanted to, i know i could hem it.  my only regret was not choosing it in a different color as i already have an orange dress that i love.  i guess i had orange on the brain when i ordered it, but for some reason i thought it would be more pink/coral than orange but looking now at the picture on the website, i'd say the color is accurate.

i have a couple disappointments with this dress.  it is unlined, yet i think a dress for this price ($59.95) made out of a very lightweight cotton should be lined.  i have $20 skirts from target that are lined, so i would expect more from such an expensive dress.  i also get the sense that this fabric will be extremely wrinkly and need to be ironed after every wear, but that is something that i would expect from a cotton like this.  as long as it's easy to iron i really don't mind having to do so.

overall, i really love this dress and can't wait to start wearing it. thanks eshakti!  here are three options i came up with--fall, spring, and summer.  how would you wear this dress?

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