21 February 2013

feburary 21st {plaid pendleton}

pendleton blazer {thrifted}   ·   land's end button-down {thrifted}
merona skirt {thrifted}   ·   madden girl sursey pumps {thrifted}

i guess i am continuing my pattern of wearing a blazer everyday this week!  i wore one yesterday too that you'll see when i do my week in review post tomorrow.  i picked this one up on the same day i found the magenta one i wore on tuesday but i'm not completely sold.  every time i glanced at myself in the mirror when i went to the bathroom i wondered, "is this plaid so ugly it's cute?" or "is this plaid just plain ugly?"  well, i welcome your thoughts (as long as they're constructive) in the comments.  i am on the fence!  meanwhile, i am going to quickly change my clothes and give this blazer another dosing of febreeze... hopefully no one got too close to me today to realize how much like a musty old lady's basement i smell like.  the joys of thrifting!

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