19 February 2013

february 19th {magenta!}

evan-picone blazer {thrifted}   ·   the limited skirt {thrifted}
merona erin heels
   ·   joann fabrics remnant turned scarf

so, in addition to organizing my shoe closet this weekend i also worked on organizing my google reader.  it made me sad to realize how many blogs i used to follow that just stopped posting without any sort of announcement or hadn't been updated in over a year.  i look at the comments in their most recent posts and so many people wonder what happened to them.  i understand that most of us do this for a hobby and maybe over time something changes in our lives that puts this on the back burner, but it would be nice if bloggers acknowledged that and let their readers know.  some blogs i unsubscribed from didn't even exist on blogger anymore or had somehow been taken over by some other unrelated blog!

when i looked at the number of blogs i was left with, i realized i need to build up my google reader again!  i'd love recommendations of any blogs people have come across lately they think i may like.  it's not weird to ask for recommendations like that, is it?  i am most drawn to blogs written by working ladies who dress similarly to me because they give me inspiration to get dressed for work the next day or give me new ideas of outfits to wear to my work environment but i'm open to checking out any blogs!

in other news... this blazer may be my favorite thrifted purchase in a long time and one of my new favorite articles of clothing.  i love the color, the 3/4 sleeves, the cut, everything.  it's going to be fun to wear into spring too when i'm not the only one dressing in loads of color! :)  thanks for visiting!

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