25 February 2013

february 25th {doubleweave}

merona button-down {thrifted}   ·   dexter kylie wedges {in black}
merona doubleweave skirt {thrifted target stock}

it is no secret that i love merona's doubleweave skirts.  i have one in black, magenta, khaki, turquoise, floral, zebra (thanks whitney), and a couple others that haven't been featured in a post before.  when i was at target yesterday i noticed a new round of skirts on the racks and my love just doubled.  the reason i am so impressed with these skirts is because each season there a good variety of colors and prints, they are fully lined (!), the perfect knee length, are made out of quality, durable fabric that washes well and does not wrinkle that badly, and cost on average only $22!  plus, if you're patient and wait they always go on sale and, of course, clearance (and from there to the goodwill, that's where i got this one for $4.99!).

here are the skirts that caught my eye at target yesterday.  the pink lace skirt is so pretty!  the black floral one is now 30% off in stores, we'll see how long i can hold out before i buy it.  and even though i'm not a big fan of polka dots, i think that offering is a great replica of the popular j crew factory polka dot skirt for about 1/3 of the cost.  i also love the mirrored blue & white print!

are you a fan of merona's skirts?

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