12 February 2013

february 12th {ikat}

handmade {by me} skirt   ·   merona tiered top 
j crew riviera jacket   ·   mossimo odell flats

i know i've already posted once today, but i wanted to post today's actual outfit too.  i love wearing this jacket & this skirt or this skirt & this necklace together, see: exhibit A and exhibit B.  i just can't help it!  at least i changed it up a little this time with a different top and different tights color.  these are kind of taupey color, which is a nice departure from the usual black, dark brown, or occassional navy/maroon tights i usually wear.  speaking of, most merona tights are 50% off at target right now, these were only $4!

so, bear with me if this isn't a novel idea to anyone else out there aside from me, but i saw a blurb in good housekeeping magazine this month where someone explained how they stick their iphone in a glass to act as an amplifier/speaker.  i enjoy listening to the radio in my bedroom but unfortunately i can never find a signal to a decent station on my alarm clock and i'm often too lazy to open up itunes and pick a cd to listen to on my computer... so i loved this idea!  i downloaded my local NPR station's app on my iphone, selected my favorite channel, the current, and stuck it in a pint glass {my favorite atlanta beer, i wish they distributed this far north!}.  instant radio!  and it works surprisingly well!  this may just be a quick fix until i find a good ipod dock with an fm digital tuner to buy but i thought it was pretty creative.  has anyone tried this before?  i think it would work really well if you want to hear music in whatever room you're in but i've yet to test the range.  :)  thanks for visiting!

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