12 February 2013

oh, this old thing?

this is an outfit i wore last week that i didn't get around to posting but fits in really well with the link up going on at blue paper lanterns, "oh, this old thing?" so i wanted to do a proper post!  kimmie challenged us to find the oldest item in our closet and give it a wear.  the tag on this old navy skirt informs me i have been hoarding it since "08/09" -- that's what, 3-4 years?  wow!  i purchased it when i worked at old navy (it must have been clearanced, and then i got my employee discount on top of that) but had never worn it before last week.  i'm not sure why, other than sometimes i get a little stumped when two neutral colors are paired together in one item (here: black & tan) because i don't know what to wear with it, but i'm glad i finally gave it a try.  i think i'll be keeping it around!

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