09 February 2013

feb 4-8 {week in review}

{week 6}
feb 4-8

thanks for visiting my blog this week - here is a review of what i wore.  i'm glad that i picked out some items to wear this week that haven't been worn much, if at all.  monday was only the third time i'd worn the mustard corduroy skirt, the last time i wore the brown dress from tuesday was summer 2011 (pre-blog), and the skirt from wednesday in the middle is another skirt i have never worn before, ever.  the color-blocked black & tan has always thrown me off (i'm not sure why, i like it now!) so it's been sitting in my closet for over 3 years.  i feel kind of ashamed about this, so i'm glad i finally wore it!  hopefully i can continue to work through my closet and give neglected pieces another chance instead of always reaching for what is new or fun to wear.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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