08 February 2013

january 8th {risks}

old navy v-neck / diva skinny jeans / oxford {on sale in stores for $15}
merona kalama booties{clearanced in stores}

i can't believe i am wearing this today, you guys.  this is the one pair of skinny jeans i own that i purchased years ago to wear underneath tall boots.  never in my wildest thoughts would i ever imagine myself wearing them like this.  i never thought i had the right proportions to wear skinny jeans with flats, so they were always stuffed into boots.  but when i slipped them on this morning and thought about these booties i said, hey, let's give it a try.  maybe i still don't have the right body type to wear skinny jeans and maybe i'll never wear them like this again, but for a casual friday in the office i was willing to take the risk... and you know what?  i loved it.  happy weekend!

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