07 February 2013

february 7th {analogic}

j crew factory pencil skirt
merona cardigan & merona mari pumps {both thrifted target stock}

i am not a big j crew shopper.  not that i wouldn't like to be, but in recent years their offerings haven't appealed to me as much as they did say, five years ago, so i just stick with what i can find at the goodwill (one, two, three, four).  pencil skirts notwithstanding, of course.  i love a great pencil skirt in a great print and j crew knows how to do that so well.  i have a goal this year to add more solid colored skirts to my closet as well, so when an extra 40% off sale items promotion presented itself i took time to scour the sales pages and found this skirt came out to be around $20.

i played around at a color scheme designer website i like that allows you to move a dial around the color wheel and come up with monochromatic, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, and accented analogic color pairings.  don't worry if you don't know what all those terms mean -- when you see it, it makes sense.  i really encourage you to visit that site, i use it a lot when i am trying to come up with different color pairings for outfits.  for this outfit, i was inspired by the accented analogic option with the jade green skirt as the base and orange, cobalt blue, and lime green as accents.  i also drew in the color brown for my tights and shoes.  i left out the lime green, thinking that would be a little too much, but used the blue as an accent with the belt.  i already like the way blue & green look and blue & orange look together, so all three paired together made sense to me.  what do you think?

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