04 February 2013

feb 4th {unworn}

j crew vintage cord skirt {thrifted}   ·   gap blouse {thrifted}
lauren conrad hadley flats   ·   haberdashery blazer {thrifted}

i've had this blog for a year and a half now, but there are definitely many items in my closet that i have not worn in that time--this skirt is one of them.  in fact, i've only worn it a handful of times since buying it in 2010.  corduroy is a tricky fabric, especially when fashioned in a skirt.  it won't work in the summertime (who wants to wear thick corduroy when it's 90 degrees outside?) so it's relegated to the winter, and it's just not a skirt i typically reach for since corduroy also comes across as a little more casual to me.  i was in a day-long training today though, where people tend to wear whatever, so i figured it would be a good day to pull it from the depths of my closet!

i'm trying to wear more of what i have in my closet and not immediately reach for the same items week after week (it's hard, i really want to wear this blouse & this dress again already!).  i think this is helpful for many reasons--i may realize i don't really like the item and choose to donate or sell it.  it also makes my closet feel more versatile when i'm not always wearing the same skirt week after week.  for some reason, my "older" clothes don't seem as fun or interesting to wear or remix, but i'm trying to challenge myself to do just that.

let's chat!  / have i inspired you to dig deep in your closet and wear an old favorite sometime this week?  maybe kimme at blue paper lanterns can, she is hosting a link up next monday to show off our oldest item in our closet and i'm thinking it couldn't be more timely!  thanks for dropping by!

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