03 February 2013

sunday shopping {old navy}

whenever i get an email from old navy that there's an extra % off sale, i always click though just to browse.  i don't like buying anything from there unless there is a sale or i have a gift card {i worked for two brands within gap inc for several years, so it's hard to justify buying anything there full price now knowing i used to have a discount!}, but it's going to be really, really hard to resist these shirts... especially since they come in so many great colors.  that gingham is perfect!  i also love old navy oxfords, i have a couple green ones that i wear often that are so versatile.  it is hard to find them in fun colors, though!

have you come across anything good at old navy lately?

Old Navy at ShopStyle
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Old Navy at ShopStyle

{it probably goes without saying, but this post is not sponsored by old navy, i just love sharing good deals 
when i find 'em.  i will, however, get a few cents from shopstyle if you click on one of the pictures.}

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