02 February 2013

adding extra belt holes {tutorial}

i only really wanted a couple items for christmas this past year... a "belt notch  maker" as i called it and a jar of mod podge.  i like practical gifts that i can use and i knew both of these items would do just that!

although i haven't really dug around for many projects i can use my mod podge for yet, i did get around to trying out my "belt notch maker" (i think another term, per joann.com, is "rotary punch") this weekend and wanted to share how incredibly easy it is to add an extra hole to your belts that are either too small or too big with this tool.  i like wearing belts around both my hips and waist and sometimes a belt doesn't quite stretch, so why not add an extra hole or two.  and it is so, so easy - i  don't even think these pictures require any sort of numbered instruction!

ta da!  i already added extra holes to 5-6 of my belts and can probably find a few others as well.  i'm so glad that such a simple tool can increase the versatility of accessories like belts that i wear nearly every day.

let's chat!  / do you own this product?  is it something you would consider purchasing?

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