11 December 2012

tuesday {reframed}

j crew swiss dot fontana dress {thrifted}   ·   gap cardigan {thrifted}
old navy sliver wedge boots   ·   inpink necklace

seeing as how we got over a foot of snow saturday through sunday, i worked from home yesterday (good call), but i figured i better go into work today.  my only requirement when getting dressed was wearing flat boots to trudge through my apartment complex's parking lot that isn't plowed very well yet.  i've been wanting to pair an orange cardigan with this navy swiss-dot fontana dress for a while; i only wish it draped better--it's pretty thin.

speaking of the weather (i am from minnesota, that is what we do), i had a moment of peace regarding the impending winter and snowfall on sunday... i always get anxious when i think about having to drive on slippery, snow packed roads but i think this winter is going to be different.  i'm letting go of the fear and am thinking of it more like a challenge i can develop a really good skill out of.  and seeing as how i don't really possess any other skills, driving on snowy roads is going to become one, darn it.  i give myself an A for today's ridiculous drive.  all kidding aside, it helps when you start to re-frame the things that worry or scare you to something more positive and powerful.  and a lot of self-talk and praying helps, too. 

now, i don't condone using smart phones while driving for any reason whatsoever, but how cool did this picture come out as i was stopped in traffic (i promise) along my route home this afternoon?  stay safe out there!

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