17 December 2012

monday {orange & tan}


merona ponte pocket dress {thrifted target stock}   ·   talbots blouse {thrifted}
old navy blazer {thrifted / here's one on ebay}   ·   merona mariela pumps {thrifted}

i love the way this outfit came together!  the orange dress was a $1.99 new target stock find from the goodwill yesterday; i hadn't been to the goodwill in forever and was glad to come away with a couple things i'm sure i won't be able to wait long to wear.  it was a fun shopping trip -- i even found some cheap zippers, but unfortunately i'm sure it will be a little longer before i fire up my sewing machine and actually construct something that would require a zipper.  i wanted the blue & white pinstripe blouse to peak out more from under the dress but the neckline isn't very scoopy.  i think it would have looked cute without the blazer though {check out that ebay link above if you're interested, i love this blazer and wear it a lot!}

my heart is so saddened when i think about what happened in connecticut on friday.  i read a breaking news story about what was happening on a coworker's phone as i was waiting for a delicious pizza to bake for my lunch on friday... how quickly my appetite soured.  like many other bloggers, i felt like this was too monumental of an event to dismiss and not acknowledge.  i specifically want to send love & strength today to so many blogger friends i've met who work in school settings.  i pray that you are able to continue to do the amazing work you are called to do with your students and maybe within this community we share we can find a way to push past the sadness together.

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