19 December 2012

tuesday {neutrals}

this is what i wore to work on tuesday, but it was not what i wanted to wear.  at all.  i had on a different skirt that i realized was dark brown, not black, about five minutes before i wanted to head out the door.  i suppose i could have changed into brown tights, but at that point i figured it easier to slip on a new skirt that wrangle out of tights and into a new pair.  instead i tried on about three different skirts before settling on this one as it matched well enough with the gray sweater.  ordinarily i wouldn't have posted this outfit since i felt so uninspired and boring, but it's a good reminder to myself that hey, it's okay.  and now, looking back on it a day later, i actually kind of like it!

it also felt a little redeeming when one of my coworkers said, "i like your bracelet!" and i was able to reply, "it's actually a belt!"  learned that trick from dotty - thanks, lady.  i'm not sure if my coworker though it was "cool" or not but at least it gave me reason to think my outfit wasn't totally dullsville boring.

have a great week!

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