02 July 2012


mossimo blouse {thrifted target stock}   handmade (by me) skirt
target belt & necklace   merona mari pumps

the skirt i'm wearing today reminds me of the gorgeous j crew #2 pencil skirt in caribbean tweed.  i think it's a pretty good duplication and a fun, bright print with some texture to it to start out the work week.  i also like how the necklace brings out both the blue in my blouse and the green in my skirt and it's all anchored by the brown accessories.  although i don't match my purse to my shoes or belt, i do love it when my shoes and belt match!

much like the temperature woes i experienced last summer in my old office {the 3-4 people i shared an office with never wanted to turn the window a/c unit on}, i am now in an office in the basement of a new building that apparently the a/c doesn't want to reach.  the bathroom and break room on the same level are ice-box cold but the hallway and offices have no cool air circulating, so it's a humid, muggy feeling.  hopefully it doesn't get much worse as the summer progresses as i'm not sure how differently i could dress compared to today to maximize my comfort!  are you experiencing any similar weather woes in your office environment?  have a great evening!

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