30 June 2012

week in review {june 25-29}

this has been kind of a tough week!  as much as i operate this blog is for me sometimes i need to remind myself that you guys out there are a part of it too and it would be pretty lonely if i didn't receive any sort of interaction or support from my readers.  i appreciate your comments so much so i feel that i do owe it to you to recognize my absence this week.  thursday came and went without even finding a few spare seconds to capture my outfit, something that hasn't happened for a long time.  i'm hoping that i can get back to a routine next week.  this balancing act of emotions surrounding the theft of my car, the claim with my insurance company, and realizing that i need to act quickly on purchasing a new (used) car has been a lot to think about.  thankfully, i have a settlement coming from my insurance company and i'll be buying a car today if all goes well, and hopefully all of the other little tasks that i'll then need to complete with my insurance sales agent and the DMV will all fall into place in due time.  honestly, i don't even know what all i will need to do after buying a car but this has been an empowering, learning experience and i'm so proud of myself for the research i've done and how i've guided the interactions with salesmen as i've looked at cars this week. i think any car salesman would be pretty lucky to sell a car to me, so that's the attitude i'm holding on to going into the appointment i have this afternoon.

even though i'm not always as forthright as i ought to be with my gratitude for those of you who stop by and some of you who comment on nearly every post, please know how meaningful it is to me, especially as i have been dealing with some not so positive things lately.  see you next week... where there may or may not (okay, there will be!) a giveaway comin' your way!  have a lovely weekend!

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