26 June 2012


old navy linen blazer {thrifted}   loft abstract floral skirt 
forever 21 belt   dexter kylie wedges

i definitely love the look i pulled together with this skirt much more than my last effort!  i found this great khaki 3/4 sleeved linen blazer at the goodwill on sunday and was so excited to wear it. it's a little different from the other neutral tan colored blazer i have and see this one being equally as versatile... that is, if i can keep it unwrinkled.  i think it's time i become an adult and take some clothing to the dry cleaners!  i also found another really great blazer that i am pretty excited to show you all, maybe tomorrow?  i spent a little more on them since they weren't the right colored tag that was on sale that day, but i'm beginning to allow myself to do that (not that i need that much encouragement!) for some great pieces to add to my closet.  it's amazing how a great little blazer really pulls together an outfit and i'm glad that i have a few options i can continue to wear through the spring & summer months.  thanks for visiting!

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