30 May 2012


mossimo ultrasoft cardigan {thrifted target stock}  
loft abstract floral pencil skirt {ebayed}
lela rose for payless wells pumps
i had high hopes for this outfit this morning, but as the day wore on i began to dislike more of it than i liked.  it let me feeling pretty uninspired about the way i was presenting myeslf towards those i interacted with and even lose a little confidence.  i think when we feel that way at the end of the day, that's when the pictures stay in the camera and the blog post goes unpublished.  why rehash an outfit you felt so indifferent about?  i'm hoping that you guys will give me some constructive feedback though, as i know that's what will help me look at this outfit a little differently or choose other items to pair with each other next time. 

i will stay that i like that the copper colored cardigan brings out the orange tones from the skirt, which at first glance is primarily a lot of yellow & pink.  the skirt itself was my first ebay purchase ever and i'm pretty proud of my bidding & winning.  my understanding of ebay was totally skewed and i didn't realize exactly how bidding worked so i'm glad i figured it out in time to win this auction.  do you do much ebaying?  have any bidding or searching tips that you can share?  it has definitely been sucking up a lot of my time lately but so far i've just been doing a lot of watching and not a lot of bidding, so hopefully i won't get into too much trouble!  thanks for visiting!

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