16 August 2011

tuesday (heated)

 isaac mizrahi for target white scallop blouse {thrifted}   banana republic full skirt {thrifted}
merona mackenzie cork wedges   target necklace   target black belt {thrifted new}
so, i work in a small, one room office with four (sometimes 5) women who don't like to turn on the noisy a/c window unit, so the purpose of my outfit today was simple - floaty, full skirt, short-sleeved shirt, open-toed shoes, minimal jewelry, and hair up.  i know many people have the opposite problem in their workplaces (frigid a/c they have no ability to control), but trust me, this is worse.  does anyone have any good tips for battling these types of issues with their coworkers?  the killer is, the a/c unit is in my corner but i feel so guilty wanting to turn it on.  well, here's to hoping tomorrow is cooler!

today is day 2 of freckles in april's 21 day challenge: tuck it in.  i promise, the white shirt i'm wearing is definitely tucked in!

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