02 April 2012

monday (ikat)

 j crew riviera wrap jacket   gap shell {thrifted}
handmade (by me) skirt   mossimo varana shooties {thrifted target stock}

within a day or two of buying this fabric i made this skirt out of at joann's, i stumbled upon this photo of the heritage ikat skirt currently selling at banana republic.  the ikat on my skirt obviously isn't an exact replica, but it's a good alternative.  plus, the cost difference between the two skirts is pretty cuh-ray-zee {yes, that obnoxious emphasis was needed!}  the banana skirt sells for $98 and this fabric was $4.49 total.  have i convinced you to dust off your sewing machine and get going yet?  :) i think this is one of my favorite skirts that i have ever made, and i don't say that often... i'm still working on it, but i think i am finally learning how to pick out fabric with prints that suit my personal style.

thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Your skirt is awesome! I love it when social workers dress nicely!