03 April 2012

tuesday (justified)

 merona pleated collar tank   merona artist cardigan {thrifted target stock}
gap slacks   merona myka wedges

i bought this blouse at target on saturday for regular price minus a $3 off merona coupon from the target website.  $19.99 for a blouse.  will you believe me when i tell you this is the 5th most expensive clothing item i have bought in the past 15 months?  the other four items were shoes.  it took a lot of convincing to buy this blouse, including:  it reminds me of j crew!  there are only two on the rack and only one in your size!  green is your favorite color!  it is perfect!  i pretty much sold it to myself in the store, but instead of continuing to try to sell it to myself now that it's been hanging on my closet door all weekend, staring at me, i'm telling myself that IT'S OKAY to buy something i really like once in a while, even if it's not on clearance or from the goodwill.

and can i just get a "what what" {yes, i just went there} for my first ever pattern mixing outfit?!  i kid you not about that either, this is the first time i have ever pattern mixed.  it's subtle and you wouldn't have been able to tell without the close up shot, but i kind of like that!  thanks for dropping by!

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