11 August 2015

{july 27-31}

i recently read a book called the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo in which the author explains in very easy to follow terms how to, well, tidy up your surroundings. i was really drawn in to her method, which really is as simple as asking yourself of every object you own, "does this spark joy?"  if not, thank it for its presence in your life and let it go.

the author suggests starting with clothes and moving on from there to books, papers, knick knacks, and finally mementos. of course i was most interested in the clothes chapter!  as far as clothes go, remove absolutely everything from your closet, touch each item, and ask yourself if sparks joy.  if not, all you have to do is say "thank you for for giving me joy when i bought you" or "thank you for teaching me what doesn't suit me" and let it go. a part of me feels so guilty parting with clothes but this simple acknowledgement is what i needed to hear and take to heart to let things go.  the author also places a strong emphasis on personalizing the inanimate items you own like clothes--thinking about releasing the pressure of socks folded together, t-shirts stacked on each other weighing one another down, clothes cramped on racks so tightly they can't breathe.  it sounds a tad hokey, but it's stuck with me... after reading the book, i felt that if i respect my clothes and treat them properly, i'll continue to derive joy from them and they will remain in good condition for me.

i can't wait to tackle the rest of my closet so i feel that same joy about everything i set my sights on and then move on to books--yep, i think i am finally going to get rid of almost all of my books.  anyway, i really recommend this book if you're looking to make similar changes in your life.  it's easy to read and the practices make so much sense to follow!

monday: j crew factory lace blouse {similar} / j crew factory slim wool pants {similar} / dexter hensley wedges {similar} / one wink necklace {similar}

tuesday: thrifted gap button down {similar} / thrifted calvin klein skirt {similar} / thrifted target stock leather belt {similar} / montego bay club prima wedges {exact - only $10!}

wednesday: thredupped* j crew ruffle blouse {similar} / old navy floral gauze scarf {similar} / ann taylor signature sateen pants {similar} / dexter kylie wedges {similar}

thursday: j crew factory textured grid shirt {similar} / merona classic ankle pants {exact} / mossimo ona flats {exact} / target round stone necklace {similar} / world market headband {exact}

friday: j crew factory tee {similar} / mossimo straight leg jeans {exact} / puma 76 runners {exact}

{my supervisor/coworker was off all this week, so i was not only doing my own work but also hers.  as the overtime added up throughout the week and my brain power fizzled my outfits sadly took a turn for the worst.  i'm just going to ignore friday's outfit!}

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